Easter Basket Crafts

If you want unusual Easter basket crafts, there are fabric baskets, buckets, terracotta pot baskets and many other kinds.

It can be fun to use an unusual container for a basket. I have seen cowboy and straw hats turned upside down and filled with grass and Easter goodies.

In stores you will see dump trucks, baseball gloves and sand pails used.

For a little girl you could fill a doll cradle, stroller or buggy with doll related items.

Over 140 Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers - Crafty Journal

Over 140 Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers

Make your own DIY Easy Easter Basket Grass.

For Paper Easter Basket Crafts, look here.

Easter Basket from a Cereal Box

Recycle a box and make this Easter Basket from a cereal Box.

Easter Basket from a Cereal Box - Crafty Journal

Easter Basket from a Cereal Basket

Small Gift Box into Easter Basket

Turn this easy to make small gift box into a colorful Easter basket.

Easter Basket - Crafty Journal

Easter Basket

Easter Egg Basket

Make a paper mache egg over a balloon. After it dries, cut out an opening in the front. Seal and paint or decoupage. Add a handle to the top and fill the Easter egg basket with grass and Easter goodies.

Cardboard Box into Paper Twist Basket

Interweave paper twist over a cardboard box to make an attractive paper twist basket.

Woven Felt Basket

Weave an easy felt basket with strips of felt.

Picket Fence Easter Basket

Use acetate to make the inner box/basket. Make the fence out of cardstock for your picket fence Easter basket.

Terracotta Easter Baskets

Glue a strip of decorative paper around the top of the pot and make a matching handle for these terra cotta Easter baskets. Or you could paint the pot before adding the decorative paper.

Bucket Basket

Cut strips from colored craft foam and decorate them with dots and stitch lines. Adhere them to a bucket to create a bucket basket.

Princess Easter Pail

Using a bucket from the Dollar Store, enclose it in fabric and add a gathered tulle “skirt” to make a feminine princess Easter pail.

Stitched Denim Easter Bags

Craft these stitched denim Easter bags with pockets on the side. A great holder for Easter goodies.

Bubble Easter Pouch

Stitch these pretty bubble Easter pouches to hold goodies.

Fuzzy Easter Basket

She has such wonderful ideas and tutorials! Basically, you cover cardstock with felt for this fuzzy Easter basket. You could do this with any paper/cardstock basket.

Felt Basket

Stitch this felt basket and add felt flowers for decoration.

Easter Basket Patterns and Projects

There are several ideas here for basket weaving, crocheted baskets, and other basket ideas.

Recycled Easter Bunny Bucket

Use a recycled frosting tub to make a recycled Easter bunny bucket. It’s sturdy, too.

Easter Basket from Cottage Cheese Container

Recycle a cottage cheese container into an Easter basket. Glue on an Easter picture and add a pipe cleaner handle.


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