Dress Up Clothes Box

A dress up clothes box is a great idea for stimulating a child’s imagination.

Fill the box with finery: frothy, lacy dresses, hats, gloves, shoes, neckties and furs or boas.

Don’t forget to add jewelry with lots of glitter.

An old suitcase redecorated is a great storage place for a dress up clothes box.

Here are more ideas for costumes to add to the box.

Knight Helmet

Make this knight helmet with craft foam and gold and silver paint.

Knight Armor Paint black foam withgold and silver to make this clever knight armor.

For great sword making ideas, scroll down on this page.

Renaissance Head Band

Use tulle and ribbons to make this fun and colorful Renaissance head band.

Wool Felt Crown

A wool felt crown would make a great addition to the dress up box. A cloak would go well with it, and lots of sparkly jewelry.

Treasure Chest from Diaper Box

Make this treasure chest from a diaper box, and when your kids are through playing with it, they can store all their dress up gear inside it.

Pirate Hat

Use black felt to make a cool pirate hat for your favorite pirate.

Cardboard Pirate Hat

Add this cardboard pirate hat to your child’s dress up clothes box for great pirate fun.

Super Simple Pirate Hat

Use this super simple pirate hat tutorial to make one for your child’s dress-up box. However, pink may not be the best color for it.

Pirate’s Hat from a Bandana

To create this very easy pirate’s hat from a bandana, you will need a skull and crossbones patch (which you could make yourself from white felt) and a bandana.

Paper Pirate Swords

With rolled up sheets of newspaper you can make some fairly sturdy paper pirate swords. Make some extra for replacements.


Make this easy fun moustache to use as a disguise in the dress-up box.

Fake Beard

Make a fake beard with felt or fleece and some ribbon to tie it on.

Bank Robber Money Bag

This bank robber money bag is a fun idea for playing “cops and robbers”. Stitch it and then add some play money and fake jewelry.

The fake jewelry could also be used in the pirate’s treasure chest, or by little girls with their gowns.

Button Rings

Use buttons and ring blanks to make fun button rings. Make a bunch for the dress up box.

Spy Kid Spy Kit

Buy or make a bag to carry the spy equipment. For a spy kid spy kit you will need a magnifying glass, flashlight, small camera (real or not, but preferably an old real one), string, pen, and materials for disguises.

Superhero Cape

Easy instructions for making a superhero cape.

Superhero Costume

A superhero costume is a great addition to your child’s dress-up box.

Batman Dress-Up Set

Create this fun Batman dress-up set for your hero guys.

Bat Masks

Make Batman bat masks with plastic gallon milk jugs and paint them black.

Nurse Apron and Hat

Stitch this cute nurse apron and hat for your youngster to pretend with.

Jolly Little Postman

Make this mailbag and felt letters for your jolly little postman to add to your dress up clothes box.

Or this mailbag.

Play Letters.

Childs Kimono

Follow this tutorial to make a childs kimono.

Angels, Fairies, and Ballet Dancers

There are lots of links here for things for angels, fairies and ballet dancers.

Peter Pan Costume

Put together this fun Peter Pan costume with fleece. Even the sword is made with fleece!

Yoda Hat

Make this easy Yoda hat with a dollar store fleece blanket. You can make several with 1 blanket.

Dress Up Box For Cheap

Lots of ideas for things to put in a costume box for cheap. Great idea for no longer used finery or funky hats and shoes.


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