Decoupage Tile Coasters

By Noreen Doll.

Decoupage tile coasters are fun to create, and they make great gifts.

I made about 10 sets of these for family members and friends and I tried to reflect their interests in the sets I created for them.

I used napkins, wall paper samples, and designer scrap booking paper, and all of them turned out really well. Fabric can also be used.

You can use a white glue and water mix instead of Mod Podge, but I have had things yellow some over time with the white glue.


Paper, Napkins, or Fabric to Decoupage

4 x 4 Tumbled or Ceramic Tiles (4 or 6 for a set)

Mod Podge



Cork for Backing

E6000 Glue to Attach Cork

Instructions for Decoupage Tile Coasters

1. Wipe the top of the tiles with a damp paper towel to remove dust and dirt.

2. Cut the paper or fabric to fit the top of the tile.

You can cut out a design or just leave it square.  You can cover the whole tile or leave a border around the paper.

If you use a paper napkin, gently pull the plys apart until you have just one layer with the picture you are using.

3. Brush a layer of Mod Podge on the tile.  Immediately lay the picture down in the Mod Podge.

You have a few seconds to move the picture around.

But if you are using a napkin, try not to adjust it too much as it tears very easily. it also will wrinkle unless you’ve sprayed it with acrylic (see tips below).

I like the wrinkles as they add to the rustic homemade look, so I don’t fuss with them.

Should you tear the napkin and spoil the look you want, immediately remove the napkin and wash off the Mod Podge and you can reuse the tile.

4. Gently spread a coat of Mod Podge over the whole top of the tile, including the picture.

The Mod Podge will dry clear.

5. Let dry. The drying process can be hurried by using a blow dryer. Keep the dryer moving and don’t hold it in one spot.

Let the tile sit for 15 or 20 minutes.

6. Add 2 or 3 more coats of Mod Podge, drying in between coats.

My crafting is usually overkill, so I put 4 coats on top of the picture.

7. After the tile is completely dry – I usually leave it overnight – spray a light coat of acrylic on it.

8. Turn the tile coaster over and sign and date the back. Seal the signature with acrylic.

9. Cut a piece of cork slightly smaller than the size of the tile, and using E6000, glue it to the bottom of the tile.

Instead of covering the whole bottom with cork, you could just put cork squares or circles on the corners.

Another napkin covered decoupage tile coaster.

These decoupage tile coasters were done with wallpaper.

You can choose from different colors of tiles.

These coasters were done with designer paper.

One design came with the stamps on it. I added a stamp to each of the others.

Tied up and ready to go.


If you use a paper napkin, make sure the picture on it is pretty clear. If it is fuzzy, the finished project will look fuzzy.

If you are using a napkin, be sure you are using only 1 ply. My napkin had 3 plys, and I almost used a double layer accidentally. The package will tell you how many plys it is.

A napkin is very thin and fragile. You can spray it with a light coat of acrylic on both sides before decoupaging to make it stronger, and also to lessen wrinkles on the finished project.

On some tiles I cut around the design – like the leaves. On others I just cut a square.

Here’s another tile project you can make – a recipe or photo holder.

recipe photo holder

Recipe / Photo Holder

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. Love this mod podge idea, I have some large white oblong tiles and my mind is running riot, just one question, what sort of acrylic spray do you use? would hairspray do.?

  2. I used the 98 cent Walmart acrylic spray until I couldn’t find it any more. Now I get whatever clear acrylic spray I can get with a 40% or 50% coupon at a craft store. I use the Matte because I prefer it to the shiny. I don’t think I would use the hair spray. The reason I use the acrylic spray is because the Mod Podge is kind of sticky when you set a mug on it. The Mod Podge site says to use the acrylic spray to overcome that.

  3. Erica Dedert says:

    I’ve been looking for tile but can’t find any. Where do you get yours?

  4. You can find the tile at Home Depot or Lowes. Or look in a store that handles ceramic floor tiles. Good Luck!

  5. Diane Molinari says:

    Can you use photos ? And should they be glossy or matte finish ?

  6. To use a photo, you would need to get a copy made using a laser printer (NOT an Ink Jet printer, as they run when you Mod Podge them). Often you can get a good copy by just placing the photo in a copier and printing it. For more info, try googling “photo tile coasters”.

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