Custom Photo Gift

A custom photo gift can be perfectly suited to the person for whom you are making it.

And there are many creative and interesting ways to use photos for gifts.

You can craft albums or books that you have bound, decoupage photos on blocks of wood to display, or attach them to coasters or mugs.

Quite often the photo gift you want to make would be suitable for more than one person. So go ahead and make 2 or 3 while all your supplies are at hand.

Receiving a custom photo gift is very special.

Easy Leather Photo Wallet

An easy leather photo wallet makes an attractive way to display photos.

Photo Wallet

Cast Resin Cookie Tray Keepsake

Attach photos to the inside bottom of a tray and pour the resin over it to make a cast resin cookie tray keepsake.

Photo Covered Button Box

Mod Podge a variety of family pictures on a wooden box and finish with an acrylic spray to make a creative photo covered button box.

Photo Clocks

Here are several great ideas for photo clocks.

Baby Face Clock

Family Faces Clock

Personal Picture Clocks

Faces Clock

Collage Photo Clock

Photo Pencils

Photo pencils are a creative and easy gift to make. Wrap strips of a photo around pencils.

Photo Pencil Covers

Mod Podged Notebooks

Mod Podged notebooks make a special gift. Just Mod Podge your favorite photo to the cover of a notebook.

Customized Picture Notepads

Use a favorite photo to make customized picture notepads.

Photo Cover Notepad

To make a photo cover notepad, make your own notepad and use a photo for the cover.

Photo Tacks

Glue photos inside bottle caps and glue the bottle caps to tacks to create fun photo tacks.

Photo Fan

Use one or several photos to craft an easy photo fan.

Matchbox Photos

Cover the top of matchboxes to make matchbox photos. Use the boxes for favors or to keep treasures.

Photo Apron

Create a special photo apron for Grandma with iron on transfer sheets.

Muslin Gift Bag

Create a beautiful muslin gift bag by printing old photos on fabric sheets and then sewing them together to make a bag.

Photo Tote Bag

Craft a custom photo tote bag by attaching a photo to a tote bag.

Photo Coffee Sleeve

Stitch a coffee sleeve with a “window” for a photo.

Photo Napkin Rings

Attach photos to paper strips to make really easy photo napkin rings. Use photos of adults as small children for a fun set.

Replace the tags on tea bags with photos for a fun gift, or use them as small favors at a wedding, christening, or other event.

Purse Size Photo Brag Book

Put together a purse size photo brag book with name badge holders and book rings.

Photo Wrapped Candy Bars

Print photos on paper so they can be cut into strips and wrapped around candy bars to create fun photo wrapped candy bars.

Photo Tee Shirt Idea

This is a neat photo tee shirt idea.

Photo Plaque

Clever photo plaque ideas – it would make a special gift for anyone.

Dollar Store Personalized Paper Weight

Sutbstitute your own photo for the one that comes in a Dollar Store Personalized Paper Weight.

Photo Paperweight

Exploding Boxes

You can add a dozen photos to each of these exploding boxes that are fun to open.

Photo Box

Enjoy crafting these creative custom photo gifts.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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