Creative Gift Card Wraps

ou can use creative gift card wraps ideas for a unique way to present a gift of cash or a gift card. These wraps are made with an embellished envelope, card stock, or decorative paper.

Most of these ideas can be used for either money or a gift card. The money may need to be folded or rolled to fit in the container.

Your gift card or money will be especially appreciated when it comes interestingly wrapped.

Try one of these great great creative gift card wraps ideas. Most are quickly made with a few folds or embellishments, but you can get as fancy as you like.

You can wrap a gift card with most of these Money Gift Holders, as well.

Dollar Bill Wallet

Create this fun dollar bill wallet using 2 one dollar bills, to hold a gift card.

dollar bill wallet

Dollar Bill Wallet

Envelope Gift Bags

There are many small envelope gift bags here that would be perfect for a gift card, money, or other small gift.

They are quick and easy to make and can be decorated with almost anything: cut out photos, magazine pages, gift wrap pieces, flowers, buttons, bows and much more.

Santa Theme Gift Card Holder

This Santa theme gift card holder is super easy to make.

Mitten Gift Card Holder

A nice idea for Christmas, this mitten gift card holder is easy to do.

Gift Card Envelope

Quick and clever use of an envelope to make a decorated gift card holder.

Money Envelope

Another quick money envelope made with a regular envelope.

Envelope Trick

Make this easy folded envelope to hold a gift card. You can stamp it, draw with markers, or add stickers to make this quick envelope trick.

Envelope Gift Card Holder

This is a different fold to make an envelope gift card holder.

Paper Purse

Easy small paper pursepaper purse to hold cash or gift card.

Gift Card/Treat Bag

With a few cuts you can make this cute gift card/treat bag made from an envelope.

Gift Bag Card

It would be easy to slip a gift card or cash into this attractive gift bag card.

Ribbon Shopping Bag

Make this ribbon shopping bag with wire edged ribbon. It will need to be a little longer to fit cash inside.

Money Ornament

Paper craft money ornament with a pocket for money or a gift card.

Secure Money Holder

This secure money holder card is quick to make and just requires a few folds. Decorate it to suit the recipient.

Quick Money Holder

Wrap a piece of card stock around some money to get the size of this quick money holder, and then embellish the front.

Easy Peasy Gift Card Holder

Make this easy peasy gift card holder using card stock, to hold cash or a gift card.

Funky Folder

Trace this template onto any decorative card stock, cut out and fold, and it is ready to use as a funky folder. You could seal it with a sticker or punch holes in each flap and tie shut with a ribbon.


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