Crafty Ideas for Teacher Gifts

Crafty ideas for teacher gifts are fun to use.

Crafty Ideas for Teacher Gifts by Crafty Journal

Gift Ideas for Home or Personal Use

But not all teacher gifts need by ones that can be used in the classroom. There are lots of gifts teachers can appreciate using outside the class.

Other ideas for teachers are gift cards or creatively wrapped money to be used at a restaurant, teacher supply store, or even Walmart – where school supplies can be found.

Teacher Appreciation Box

Craft a beautiful teacher appreciation box and add votive or tealight candles. The box can be used to store mementos from students.

Gift Card Set

Make a gift card set, complete with gift cards, tags, pencils, bookmark clip, and ribbons.

Note Cards

Craft a set of note cards with a matching tag.

Another Note Card Set

Craft a backpack box to hold a homemade gift card set.

Note Card and Pen Set

Make a note card set and add some pens and a tube of treats.

Thank You Teacher Card

Create a beautiful Thank You Teacher card with a matching bookmark. Show your child’s teacher how much he/she is appreciated.

Teacher Journal Jar Gift Set

Make a colorful teacher journal jar gift set, with ideas included for journaling inspiration.

Teacher Basket of Gifts

Fill a teacher basket (or box) with a journal and Journal jar decorated to match, and a pen.

Enjoy using these crafty ideas for teacher gifts to show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate him/her.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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