Clothespin Christmas Ornaments

Clothespin Christmas ornaments are fun to make. You don’t even need a ribbon or thread to hang them – you can just set them astride a branch.

Some clothespin Christmas ornaments need to be painted, but many of them can just have a face drawn on. Use felt or fabric for clothes – and beads, lace or buttons to finish them off.

Pipecleaners twisted around the neck make perfect arms, and the ends can be looped for hands.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

How to Paint a Clothespin Face

See this easy tutorial for ideas on painting a face on a clothespin doll.

Clothespin Santas

Clothespin Santa Ornament

My favorite clothespin Santa ornament, you need red paint, pipe cleaners and felt scraps. It’s easy to make a bunch assembly line fashion.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clothespin Ornaments

Cute Mr. and Mrs. Santa clothespin ornaments also use felt and paint.

Vintage Santa

Vintage Santa uses a clothespin, wood ball knob, red felt, batting and a mini Liberty bell. I love this guy!

Santa Clothespin

Another cute Santa clothespin ornament, this one uses red flannel and red and black paint, with cotton balls for the beard.

Clothespin Snowmen and Snowflakes

Clothespin Snowman

Paint a clothespin white, add features and a scarf for this clothespin snowman. Paint a small wood spool black for his hat.

Snowman Clothespin

You can clip this snowman to a tree branch. You will need paint and a scrap of ribbon to finish this clothespin ornament.

Snow People

Clothespin snow people use paint and scrap crafts to make.

Clothespin and Craft Stick Snowflakes

These simple wood snowflakes make great looking ornaments.

Clothespin Angels

Clothespin Angel

Craft this clothespin angel with lace, doll hair and white bump chenille. This angel is a little more difficult to make.

Angel Ornament

This angel can be made with felt and a clothespin. A bit of stuffing for her hair and a tinsel pipe cleaner halo are all you need to finish her.

Clothespin Angel

This clothespin angel uses a doily for her dress and purchased angel wings. You could make the wings from craft foam.

Clothespin Angel

Kids can use a clothespin, paint, and coffee filters to make this clothespin angel.

Clothespin Angel

Kids can make this clothespin angel ornament with ribbon, a pipecleaner, and markers.

Crochet Clothespin Angel

Crochet a dress for this crochet clothespin angel.

More Clothespin Christmas Ornaments

Reindeer Ornament

Use 2 squared clothespins, wiggly eyes and a red pompom for the nose to make this reindeer ornament.

Clothespin Reindeer Head

Use a squared clothespin and wiggly eyes, with a holly leaf to decorate this clothespin reindeer head.


Cute reindeer for kids to make. You could tie a bow around the neck, or glue one on.

Santa Lucia Dolls

Santa Lucia dolls represent the Swedish celebration of St. Lucia Day.

Clara and the Nutcracker Prince

Create Clara and the Nutcracker Prince from the Nutcracker Ballet, with clothespins and paint.

Clothespin Ornaments

There are 4 different ornaments here. You will need clothespins, paint and craft scraps.

Clothespin Fairies and Princesses

Princess Clothespin Dolls

What little girl wouldn’t love a set of princess clothespin dolls – either to play with, or to hang on the Christmas tree. You could drill a hole through just below the neck and use pipe cleaners for arms.

Clothespin Flower Fairies

Add some wings to these cute fairies, and they become angels to hang on your tree. You will need clothespins, wood beads and colorful silk flowers.

Fairy Clothespin Dolls

Create your own fairy land on your Christmas tree with these fairy clothespin dolls.

Clothespin Fairies

Clothespin fairies use fabric scraps, buttons, feathers and acorn caps. Kids will have fun creating these.

Clothespin Ballerina

Create this clothespin ballerina with lace and chenille stems.

Clothespin Mermaids

Clothespin mermaids need felt, paint, and yarn for hair. Little girls can help make these.

Raggedy Ann Clothespin Ornament

Paint and dress this clothespin and head bead to look like a Raggedy Ann clothespin ornament.

Clothespin Soldiers

Clothespin Soldier

A little paint, a pompom and some felt added to a clothespin will make this soldier.

Clothespin Soldiers

Clothespin soldiers need pompoms, pipe cleaners and paint.

Buckingham Palace Guard

This Buckingham Palace Guard is harder to do, but would make a nice addition to the clothespin soldiers.

Clothespin Soldier

Craft this clothespin soldier with paint, pompoms, and a bit of gold embroidery floss.

March of the Toy Soldiers

Craft March of the Toy Soldiers, and make clothespins to look like Revolutionary War soldiers.

Other Fun Clothespin Characters

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Clothespins

Paint, a large pompom and a clothespin are needed to make Thing 1 and Thing 2 clothespins ornaments.

Kokeshi Doll

Paint a clothespin to make this Japanese Kokeshi doll.

Kokeshi Doll Christmas Ornaments

A simple paint job completes these easy Kokeshi Doll Christmas ornaments.

Little Clothespin Men

Use spring type clothespins and paint to make these fun little old men clothespin ornaments.


A mouse would look cute on a Christmas tree. Bits of fabric and lace will help finish her.

Clothespin Turkey

A clothespin turkey should technically be considered a Thanksgiving ornament. But why could it not also be used on the Christmas tree with your other clothespin ornaments?

New York City Firefighter Angel

This comemorative New York City firefighter angel is made with a clothespin, doilies and scrap fabric.

Clothespin Christmas Ornaments

This site sells clothespin Christmas ornaments craft kits reasonably.

Have fun making clothespin Christmas ornaments with your whole family. It would make a great family night.


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