Christmas Photo Ornament Crafts

Making Christmas photo ornament crafts is a nice idea. If you date the ornament, it reflects the changes in the people in the photo.

I enjoy thinking about my loved ones when I see their photos hanging on the tree.

Snowflake Photo Frame

Make a snowflake photo frame using a large snowflake. You can cut your own out of paper or buy one and paint and decorate it.

Snowman Photo Frame

Kids can stitch around this snowman photo frame to make a Christmas tree ornament with their picture.

Christmas Photo Ornament

Cut your photo into strips and put them together at the ends – in the shape of a ball.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Fun idea for using cookie cutters as a cookie cutter ornament photo frame.

Photo Ornament

Copy your child’s photo onto a transparency and place it inside a glass ball for this photo ornament. This makes a very nice gift.

CD Photo Ornament

Decorate a CD with paper shapes and tiny epoxy trims. Add photo and a ribbon to hang your CD photo ornament.

Alphabet Block Ornament

Clever idea for putting a child’s photo on an alphabet block to make this alphabet block ornament!

Heirloom Photo Ornament

Use Magic Bubble Adhesive, a clear glass ornament, and a copy of an old photo to make an heirloom photo ornament – which is sure to be cherished.

Photo Cube

You could put photos on all sides of this creative photo cube ornament made with a styrofoam cube and decorative papers.

Paper Photo Cube

Paper photo cube with decorative edges.

Tree Box Photo

Clever tree shaped box with your photo inside. It may need to be made smaller to use as a tree box photo ornament.

Photo Angel

Make a photo angel with your child’s photo for the face of this paper angel.

Card stock Photo Ornaments

Make a photo frame from card stock. Or use a foam shape and cut out the center for a photo.

Bulb Photo Ornament

Cut a bulb shape from craft foam, add a few details and attach photo for this bulb photo ornament. Make different Christmas shapes with this idea.

Photo in a Christmas Ball

This is not an actual ball, but a graphic that looks like a ball, with instructions on how to make one. Very nice finished project – photo in a Christmas ball.

Shaker Ornament

With this shaker ornament, you could put a photo inside. Perfect for kids to make, too.

Mosaic Photo Frame Ornament

This mosaic photo frame ornament reflects your Christmas tree lights, and is made with glass chips and gems.

Old Canning Jar Lid Ornament

You could make an old canning jar lid ornament by putting a photo in the center and decorating around the edge.

Popsicle Stick Photo Frame Ornament

Let your kids make popsicle stick photo frame ornaments.

Glass Ball Photo Ornament

Follow these easy directions for putting a photo inside a clear glass ball to make a glass ball photo ornament.


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