Christmas Angel Crafts

Christmas angel crafts are perfect for hanging on your tree.

Many of these angels could be made into magnets or pins. They could also be used on a gift tag, or enclosed in a Christmas card.

An angel makes a nice gift for someone special.

Kids will be able to make many of these Christmas angel crafts with a little help from an adult.

You can find beaded angels on the Beaded Ornaments page.

For more Christmas angel crafts, see Kids Angel Crafts To Make

Paperclip Angel

Crafty Journal - Paperclip Angel

Paperclip Angel

Snowflake Angel

Crafty Journal - Snowflake Angel

Snowflake Angel

Butterfly Angel

Make an easy Butterfly Angel with ornaments.

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

Butterfly Angel

Teddy Bear Angel with Pocket

This cute angel bear requires some sewing, but he’s so cute he’s worth the effort. Hide some Christmas cash or a treat in his pocket.

Hershey Kiss Angel

You will also need metalic pipecleaners for wings, small head bead and a halo for this Hershey kiss angel. It would make a cute gift tag. Scroll down to find it.

Hershey Kiss Angel

Hershey Kiss Angel

Hershey Kiss Angel

Fan Fold Ribbon Angel

This easy to make wire ribbon angel has a jingle bell for her head. Buy $1 rolls of wire edged ribbon at the Dollar Store.

Wire Ribbon Angel Ornament

This delicate looking angel uses see-through ribbon and a satin ball for her head.

Ribbon Angel

Another very easy to make ribbon angel. Use ribbon lace and a face bead (or make your own).

Angel O’Tulle

This sweet angel ornament is made with a length of tulle, white ribbon, a wood head bead and curly hair.

Tassel Angel

This tassel angel requires a tassel, ribbon, a head bead and curly hair.

Holiday Angel

This ribbon angel uses a wood craft spoon and curly hair.

Yo-Yo Angel

Make an easy yo-yo, add a wood furniture plug for the head, a few other embellishments and this yo-yo angel is done. She can be an ornament, magnet, or package tie-on.

Little Wire Angel Ornament

A wispy looking angel that looks very delicate. Supplies are wire, a wood bead, and tiny pearls for her halo.

Bead Angels

These tiny angels are made with beads, jewelry findings and head pins. They look quite easy.

Country Angel Pin

This angel could also be an ornament or package trim. She is made with yarn and a scrap of fabric.

Hawaiian Angel Pin

This pretty angel could also be used as an ornament. She is made with wire, ribbon and a wood bead.

Angel Magnet

Made from fabric scraps, a wood button and a bit of curly hair, this angel could also be an ornament.

Corn Shuck Angels

These unusual corn shuck angels are made with corn shucks, Spanish moss, and doilies for hats.

Paper Angel

This pretty paper angel needs a wood furniture bead for her head and ribbon for wings.

Origami Angel

A few folds in a sheet of paper and you will have this angel.

Spool Angel

This cute country angel also uses wood beads, curly hair and fabric scraps.

Necktie Angel

An angel made with part of a necktie. A great way to make a memory with a tie from someone you love.

Dishcloth Angel

Easy to make dishcloth angel, and useful, too. Great small gift to give!

Angel Kitty

Easy to make kitty angel uses plush for the body and felt for the wings.

Craft Stick Angel

This craft stick angel also needs a head bead and pipe cleaners.

Flower Pot Angel

For this angel ornament you use paint and curly doll hair to decorate a flower pot. To hang her on your tree, you will need tiny clay or wooden pots.

Flower Fairy

This easy to make flower fairy just needs wings (use the green leaves from your artificial flowers) to become an angel.

How to make Flower Fairies

Picture tutorial on making flower fairies. Add wings and she becomes an angel. Click on each photo for more detailed instructions. Uses flower, wire and embroidery floss.

Angel Charm

This charming angel is made with only a few beads, including an angel wing bead.

Woodsie Angel Ornament

This angel has no directions, but it is pretty easy to see how she is made. You can find woodsies in the wood section of a craft store, and they often come in packs of a variety of shapes.

Window Cling Angel

You will need window cling acetate and paints for this angel. It’s just like coloring.

Hymnal Angel

Fold the pages of a hymnal, add a bead head, doily wings and a few other craft items to make this very nice hymnal angel.

Hymnal to Angel Centerpiece


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. I love your site. I am looking for a pattern for a Ribbon angel Christmas ornament that I made back in the early 90’s . I have misplaced the pattern and thought someone out there may still have it. I hope someone out there might still have the pattern, Thank you, Donna

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