Cheap Mothers Day Flowers

by Noreen Doll.

You can make very nice cheap Mothers Day flowers.

Easter Egg Bouquet - Crafty Journal

Buy a terra cotta pot and paint or decoupage it yourself. Or get an unusual container to plant a flower in, such as a large mug or teacup, or a pretty jar.

Get a packet of mixed flower seeds and plant a few in the pot and give your Mother the rest to plant outside. Or buy a small flower to add to the pot.

Or make paper flowers and put in a beautifully decorated tin can or vase. Mom can keep these for a long time and they are cheap Mothers Day flowers, but ones she will appreciate receiving.

Real Flowers

Quick and Easy Flowers for Mom

For quick and easy flowers for Mom, buy a terra cotta pot and decorate it or leave plain. Get a packet of Mom’s favorite flower seeds to put inside and tie a bow around it. Mom would probably enjoy having you help her plant the seeds.

Seed Packet and Pot

Craft this seed packet and matching pot for a Mom who loves to garden.

Cupcake Planter

Paint a flowerpot to look like a cupcake paper and add a plant as shown.

Seed Bag for Mother’s Day

Use lunch size paper bags to make this seed bag for Mother’s Day. It holds several seed packets.

Tin Window Sill Garden

A tin window sill garden is a great idea for a Mom or Grandmother who loves flowers but doesn’t have a lot of room for a garden.

Decoupage Garden Pot

Make a decoupage garden pot using empty seed packets and silk flowers.

Petal Cone

A petal cone is a nice idea for Moms who love flowers. Make a cone shape with pretty paper and fill with flower petals.

Paper or Artificial Cheap Mothers Day Flowers

Basket of Flowers

Fill an inexpensive basket with artificial flowers in a pretty display.

Felt Dahlia Flower Brooch

Craft this felt dahlia flower brooch for a Mother’s Day corsage. You need felt, a brooch pin, and needle and thread.

Mother’s Day Basket Pin

Craft a Mother’s Day basket pin with a tiny basket you can fill with flowers. Add a bow and pin back to finish.

Bouquet of Photo Flowers

Any Mom or Grandma would love this bouquet of photo flowers made with photos added to paper flowers on pipe cleaner stems.

Heart Rosebud Tea Cup Topiary

Create this pretty heart rosebud teacup topiary using dried rosebuds or to make it last longer, use more sturdy silk ones.

Cupcake Liner Flowers

Craft a bouquet of cupcake liner flowers for Mom.

Coffee Filter Roses

Use food color to dye coffee filters, and after they dry shape them into coffee filter roses. Attach to a skewer. Make several for a bouquet.

Flowers for Mom Card

Use pretty designer papers to make this pretty Flowers for Mom card.

Chalkboard Flower Pots

Create chalkboard flower pots for Mom to write messages on.

Flower Pinwheel for Mom

Using colorful decorative papers, craft this pretty flower pinwheel for Mom.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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