Cheap Laminating

By Noreen Doll.

You can use packaging tape for cheap laminating if you don’t have – and don’t want to buy – a laminating machine.

I make sure the tape I laminate with is completely clear.

One thing it is really nice for is preserving recipe cards. I have a few old recipe cards written by hand  by relatives who are long gone. And I think it’s pretty special to be able to preserve these.

Look how worn and crumbly the top of this card is. I used narrow tape the first time to rescue the top.

Laminating a recipe card also keeps it safe from spills and helps keep it from crumbling with much use.

This time I covered both the front and back with the packing tape.

Packaging tape can be used to cover entire pages of a child’s favorite book  that is becoming worn and torn from use.

Laminating the pages protects them from further wear and tear.

Use it to cover favorite paper doll sets, adding magnet strips to the back to make them magnetic.

I used packaging tape to preserve a favorite children’s deck of cards that we all loved playing with, that is no longer manufactured.

Of course, the kids soon recognize the taped cards, but it just added to the fun of the game for us.

Packing tape can also be used to cover business cards you want to carry, to make them more durable.

Think of ways you can use clear packing tape for cheap laminating to help save some of your favorite memories or rescue loved items from being destroyed.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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