Cheap Gifts for Kids

by Noreen Doll.

Sometimes homemade cheap gifts for kids are more fun and better made than things you can buy for them.

By using your imagination and materials you have at home, plus some inexpensive items you buy, you can make many frugal toys and craft kits for your youngsters.

Free Toddler Games

Free Toddler Games

Most of these cheap gifts for kids can be enjoyed by both boys and girls, but be sure to look at the other kids gift pages for ideas that may be adapted for your child.

Magic Sand

Make magic sand with sand, water and Scotchguard spray. This fascinating project will absorb your child for long periods.

PVC Pipe Building Set

Make a PVC pipe building set with lengths of PVC pipe and connectors. Old sheets and blankets, with clothespins to help hold them in place are great covers for houses.

I gave my grandsons a set when they were 3 and 5 and they LOVED it! They built houses, tunnels, spider webs, crutches (to play Doctor) and all kinds of wonderful things.

Whirly Buzzsaw

Make a large, round wood button with 2 holes, or buy a large plastic one. Run a sturdy string (about 30 to 36 inches long) through one hole and back through the other, and tie the ends.

Slip one hand in each end of the string with the button between them. Twirl the button till the string is well twisted, and then put your hands together and pull them apart while making the button spin like a noisy, whirly buzzsaw.

Cheap Gifts for Kids – Clean Bath Fun

Fun Tub Shapes

Cut craft foam or sponges into fun shapes of different colors. Dampen them, and they will stick to the sides of the tub and shower walls.

Make a fun bath set gift with fun tub shapes and bathtub crayons or bathtub paints.

Bathtub Crayons

Playing with bathtub crayons will keep your child in the tub until he/she is good and clean. They are made with soap, water, and food coloring.

Below the bathtub crayon recipe in this link is one for bathtub paints.

Magical Snow Globe Soap

Make this fun magical snow globe soap for kids. They will want to use it to get to the middle.

Foam Turtle Soap Bath Toy

Stitch this easy craft foam turtle soap bath toy with a bar of soap inside. Create other shapes, as well.

Homemade Treasure Soap

Kids will love washing with soap that has an insect or snake inside waiting to be let free from this homemade treasure soap.

More Cheap Gifts for Kids Ideas

Child’s Tool Belt

Use a sturdy fabric to sew this fun child’s tool belt, which can hold workshop tools, kitchen utensils or art tools.

Shower Curtain Village Play Mat

Buy a $1 shower curtain liner at the dollar store and draw and color a village with Sharpies to create a shower curtain village play mat.

I made some with large pieces of white sheets left over from making drapes. I used craft paints to paint large grass, dirt or water areas.

Another one.

Cardboard Boomerang

What kid wouldn’t love to test a boomerang! Make this cardboard boomerang with soft pliable cardboard, such as a cereal box.

Rhythm Ribbons

Use popsicle sticks and ribbons to make these fun rhythm ribbons that kids can use when moving to music.

Hedgehog Toy from Carwash Mitt

Create this fun hedgehog toy from a carwash mitt.

Stuffed Snake

Use a Dollar Tree knit scarf to make a fun stuffed snake.

Coffee Can Stilts

Coffee can stilts (or large juice cans) are always fun for kids to walk on.

DIY Kids Car for Under $10

Make a DIY Kids car for under $10 with some cardboard boxes and self adhesive book covering. Or create a Fire Engine or train.

Fire Truck

No tutorial for this cute fire truck, but it is easy to see how it is done with cardboard boxes and paper plates.


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