Pocket Page in a Book

By Noreen Doll. Knowing how to make a pocket page in a book is very handy if you enjoy keeping a journal. It allows for you to add keepsakes in a way that they won’t get lost. Supplies. Double Sided Tape Washi Tape Composition Book or other Journal How to Make a Pocket Page in […]

How to Make Gift Bags from Recycled Cereal Boxes

By Noreen Doll. How to Make Gift Bags from Recycled Cereal Boxes is a great project for Earth Day or recycling. Bowdabra is featuring my gift bag with a complete tutorial. Save your cereal boxes and give it a try! Noreen Doll Crafty Journal

St. Patrick’s Day Ribbon Bouquet

Today I have a tutorial for a St. Patrick’s Day Ribbon Bouquet on the Bowdabra website. It’s a fun idea for decorating for the holiday! Noreen Doll Crafty Journal

Cheap Amateur Painting Tips

By Noreen Doll. Periodically we need to repaint a room in our house, and in the process have found some ways to make painting cheaper and easier. Of course, we always buy good quality paint, but we’ve discovered some cheap tricks to help keep the costs down. Foam Brushes Get a couple of bags of […]

Easy, No-Mess Way to Paint Baseboards

By Noreen Doll. We love this super easy no-mess way to paint baseboards. Before when we’ve painted, we used a paint edger, which needs to be wiped free of paint after each use. This left us with tons of paint smeared paper towels or rags, and we usually managed to get some paint where we […]

Eclair Cake

By Noreen Doll. Eclair Cake is a wonderful summer treat! Although it’s tasty all year round. It’s easy to make, cool, and delicious to eat. Put it together quickly, and refrigerate a few hours before serving. Ingredients. 2 Small (3.4 oz) Boxes French Vanilla Pudding 1- 8 Ounce Whipped Topping 3 Cups Milk 1 Pound […]

Multi-Purpose Fashion Accessory

By Noreen Doll. Here’s a multi-purpose fashion accessory that you can use in lots of ways. It’s inexpensive to buy the fabric, and easy to stitch. It only requires one seam. It’s actually a simple tube top, and look what you can do with it! 1. Fill In a Too Low Neckline. This multi-purpose fashion […]

Crafty Journal Featured on 2 Crochet Hooks

Today Crafty Journal is being featured on 2 Crochet Hooks. This creative site has lots of fun ideas for making crocheted items and other great crafts that can be used for gifts or just enjoyed yourself. Check out this clever idea for using fabric and duct tape to make doll clothes! Each week they have […]

Crafty Journal Featured by Fluster Buster

Today Crafty Journal is being featured on Fluster Buster. Robin has many interesting posts there containing collections of things. One of her ongoing lists is her World WarII Series where she mentions one item and then tells of many different ways that item may have been used during the war years. Because people were donating […]

Best Blog Recipes Features Crafty Journal

Shauna from Best Blog Recipes is featuring my blog this weekend. She has some wonderful recipe ideas, and includes some that can be used by those with allergies. Check out some of her recipes. These sound so good! Blueberry Oatmeal Bars Best Crock Pot Chicken Chili Don’t forget to tell her you found her on […]

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