Super Easy Dollar Bill Heart

Crafty Journal - Super Easy Dollar Bill Heart

By Noreen Doll. A super easy dollar bill heart makes a fun gift. Sometimes money is the best gift to give, but it seems so much nicer when you wrap it in a fun way or do something special with it. This is the third dollar bill heart tutorial I’ve done, and it’s very easy […]

Easy Dollar Bill Heart

Crafty Journal - Easy Dollar Bill Heart

By Noreen Doll. Here’s a fun easy dollar bill heart that even kids can easily make. Or it could make a fun tooth fairy gift. It requires 2 dollar bills and staples or paper clips to hold the ends together. You will need really crisp new bills to make this turn out well. Materials. 2 […]

Dollar Bill Heart Origami


By Noreen Doll. A dollar bill heart origami is a fun way to give a gift of money, as it can be made with a bill of any amount. Make a fun dollar bill heart origami to give to your grandkids. They will love getting it! It can be any denomination, and would make a […]

Origami Basket


By Noreen Doll. This origami basket is actually like one half of an origami box with a lid. And you can make it in almost any size you want. Do a few simple folds, a couple of snips with scissors and add a handle. An origami basket would be perfect to make for a kid’s […]

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