Cheap Amateur Painting Tips

By Noreen Doll. Periodically we need to repaint a room in our house, and in the process have found some ways to make painting cheaper and easier. Of course, we always buy good quality paint, but we’ve discovered some cheap tricks to help keep the costs down. Foam Brushes Get a couple of bags of […]

Easy, No-Mess Way to Paint Baseboards

By Noreen Doll. We love this super easy no-mess way to paint baseboards. Before when we’ve painted, we used a paint edger, which needs to be wiped free of paint after each use. This left us with tons of paint smeared paper towels or rags, and we usually managed to get some paint where we […]

Easy Way to Hide Paint Drips

By Noreen Doll. Here’s an easy way to hide paint drips when you’re painting. Our kitchen / dining room has a lot of brown trim in it, including a chair rail that goes around the dining room walls. Recently we painted the ceiling and walls, and while doing the ceiling, several drops of paint dripped […]

Remove Dried Paint Splotches Easily and Cheaply

By Noreen Doll. While painting recently, we managed to have dried paint splotches on the vinyl floor. Because the vinyl is textured, removing the paint splotches presented a problem. It couldn’t just be scraped off because the vinyl wasn’t a flat surface – it had tiny ridges. We tried various things, and then discovered that […]

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