Napkin Ring Makeover

By Noreen Doll. I wanted some napkin rings for a special occasion but didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money. So I visited a favorite source for crafting supplies – the Dollar Store. I found a package of 6 shiny silver (plastic) napkin rings that were perfect for this project. For an easy […]

Turn a Rock Collection into Pattern Weights

By Noreen Doll. Wonder what to do with the rocks you collected on vacation? While on a trip, we visited the beach along Lake Erie. The shore was covered with rocks of all sizes, shapes, and colors, most of them worn smooth by the action of the waves and sand. The youngest member of our […]

Easy Headlight Fix

By Noreen Doll. My headlights had become so clouded, the light could barely shine through. I had read about using toothpaste to clear the headlights and thought I would give it a try. I went to the Dollar Store and bought a tube of Pepsodent, and checked to make sure it was a white paste. […]

Forgot Your Tape Measure?

By Noreen Doll. Don’t you hate it when you’re shopping for an item in a home improvement store that needs to be measured and you’ve forgotten to take your tape measure along? Here’s a quick and easy way to be able to measure that item without troubling an employee of the store. Find the area […]

Cell Phone Reminder

By Noreen Doll. Don’t forget your cell phone! How many times have you forgotten to tuck your cell phone into your bag, only to discover, when you’re well away from home, that you don’t have it? That isn’t going to happen to me again! I created a way to always remember to take my cell […]

Quick Way to Straighten Wrinkled Ribbon

By Noreen Doll. Now you don’t have to throw used ribbon away. Here’s a quick way to straighten wrinkled ribbon. You can make a wrinkled ribbon look like new. Simply heat your curling iron to a low setting. You don’t want it too hot! After the curling iron is heated, test it on the end […]

Comfortable Sock Tip for Fussy Feet

By Noreen Doll. I know two young boys with very sensitive feet. Every day getting shoes and socks to fit comfortably on their feet was a struggle, and it sometimes took several tries to make it work. If you’ve ever examined a sock, you will notice that most of the time there is a seam […]

How to Dry Paint Quickly

By Noreen Doll. One way to dry paint quickly is to set your project outside on a warm sunny day. But if you are crafting at night, when it’s windy, or when you don’t have good weather, you need to find another way. I’ve discovered that a hair dryer works beautifully to speed my projects […]

Quick Garment Cover

By Noreen Doll. I like to cover clothes hanging in my closet that I don’t wear very often, or that are seasonal. It keeps dust off them and helps them stay clean until I wear them again. You can create an easy garment cover with a kitchen trash bag. It’s long enough to cover well, […]

Frugal Cutting Tip

By Noreen Doll. Here’s a frugal cutting tip that will help you conserve your supplies. When creating, kids have a tendency to plop their template right down in the middle of that big lovely sheet of paper or craft foam. By the time they’ve cut from the edge over to the shape, and then cut […]

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