Quick Eyeglasses Holder

By Noreen Doll. A quick eyeglasses holder is an easy gift to make for Mom or Grandma. You can find pretty pot holders inexpensively at the Dollar Store or Target. This would make an easy beginning sewing project for kids. Supplies. Pot Holder Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine How to Make a Quick Eyeglasses […]

Cheap Mothers Day Flowers

by Noreen Doll. You can make very nice cheap Mothers Day flowers. Buy a terra cotta pot and paint or decoupage it yourself. Or get an unusual container to plant a flower in, such as a large mug or teacup, or a pretty jar. Get a packet of mixed flower seeds and plant a few […]

Craft Ideas for Mothers Day

by Noreen Doll. For most Moms, being with their kids and grandkids on Mother’s Day is a great gift. These craft ideas for Mothers Day will be an additional gift Mom will appreciate receiving. Kids can help make many of these gifts. If your child is making a gift for Grandma, you may want him […]

Easy Gifts Kids Can Make

by Noreen Doll. Unusual ideas for easy gifts kids can make for adults. With a little help from an adult, there are lots of easy gifts kids can make for adults. Presenting a photo frame he/she has made with the child’s own photo is always a nice idea – particularly for a parent or grandparent. […]

Mothers Day Gifts for Grandma

By Noreen Doll. Mothers Day gifts for Grandma need to be extra special because Grandmothers are special. Grandmas have time to spend with a child in ways that Moms are often too busy for. They have time to listen. Grandmas can tell lots of stories about when they were little or when Mom or Dad […]

Mothers Day Printables

By Noreen Doll. For Mothers Day printables you can find Mother’s Day cards, bookmarks, candy wrapper and Mother’s Day clipart. These Mothers Day printables can be printed out for kids to color or make for Mom. More fun Mothers Day coloring pages for kids to create. Mother’s Day Coupon Book Print coupons for a Mother’s […]

Mothers Day Coloring Pages

By Noreen Doll. Using Mothers Day coloring pages is an additional way for kids to make something special for Mom – and something she will cherish. Print pages for kids to color for Mom, Grandma, and all the other great Moms who interact with your child. More great Mothers Day printables for kids. Mothers Day […]

Mothers Day Crafts

By Noreen Doll. Mothers Day is an important time because making Mothers Day crafts gives kids an opportunity to do something special for Mom. Because Moms work so hard taking care of their families, it’s fun to do something for them. Here are great fun ideas for Mothers day coloring pages, cards, and other printables. […]

Mothers Day Crafts for Kids

By Noreen Doll. Kids enjoy making Mothers Day gifts, and Mothers Day crafts for kids are perfect for that. These Mothers Day gift ideas are great for classroom projects or for any group crafts for kids to make for Mom. Most of these Mothers Day crafts for kids can be made by the kids with […]

Preschool Mothers Day Crafts

By Noreen Doll. Even very small children will want to make preschool Mothers Day crafts. It’s a nice opportunity for children to show Mom how much she is loved.   There are lots of fun, easy gift ideas that preschoolers can make with a little help. Moms cherish the very special handmade crafts they receive […]

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