Hatching Chick

Hatching Chick by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Create a cute Hatching Chick to sit among the eggs on your table. This could be an easy project for kids to make at an Easter party. Adults need to supervise poking holes in the egg. Or make the holes ahead of time and eliminate that step when working with kids. Supplies. […]

Twinkle Egg Lights

Twinkle Egg Lights by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Create fun Twinkle Egg Lights quickly and easily. Inexpensive and fun for kids, you use plastic eggs and flameless tea lights to make them. You can find most of these items at the Dollar Store if you don’t already have them.   If you don’t want to decorate the eggs, you can […]

Easter Egg Button Covers

Easter Egg Button Covers - Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Easter egg button covers are a fun way to decorate a shirt or blouse. Kids can make them from felt or craft foam and decorate them with brightly colored markers. Supplies. Brightly Colored Craft Foam Pencil Scissors Craft Knife How to Make Easter Egg Button Covers. 1. Draw an Easter egg pattern. […]

Easter Egg Necklace

Easter Egg Necklace - Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. After you’ve colored all your Easter eggs, an Easter egg necklace is a fun way to use some of them. To make the necklace you need to use empty colored eggs that you’ve blown the contents out of. An Easter egg necklace is a perfect project for a little girl. Its fun […]

Easter Egg Bouquet

Easter Egg Bouquet - Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. When I first had the idea to make an Easter egg bouquet, I never expected it to turn out so well. And all you do is insert a colorful egg in the center of each flower in a cluster. I love how colorful this bouquet is! Supplies. Flower Stem with 5 to […]

How to Blow an Egg

How to Blow an Egg - Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. There are lots of Easter crafts that need a blown egg shell. Try this easy way to blow an egg. Supplies. Eggs Fork or Pin Toothpick Bowl Egg Carton to Hold Blown Eggs How to Blow an Egg. 1. To prepare the eggs for blowing, first wash the egg in soapy water […]

Easy Easter Crafts


Look here for tons of fun and easy Easter crafts ideas. Now that winter is coming to an end and Spring will soon be here we often start to think about making things for Easter. That can mean looking for ideas for baskets, bunnies, chicks, flowers and other spring or Easter related crafts. Look under […]

Easter Egg Crafts


Many of these Easter egg crafts can be done by kids and preschoolers. It’s a good idea to be nearby while egg dyeing is being done to help prevent spills or consumption of the dye (by very young children). Save egg cartons to put dyed eggs in while they dry, and to store hollow decorated […]

Easter Egg Busy Bag

Easter Egg Busy Bag - Crafty Journal

by Noreen Doll. Create a cheap fun Easter egg busy bag for your toddler or preschooler. You need a small piece of felt, and some ribbon or paper scraps. This fun Easter egg busy bag will happily occupy your youngster. It’s a great activity to use when you’re busy with your Easter holiday preparations, and […]

Paper Egg Ornament


by Noreen Doll. Use your paper scraps to make this paper egg ornament for a fun Easter decoration. It can be made in any size. Tape or glue the egg shapes together and add a ribbon for hanging. You can make several eggs quickly and easily, and they can be folded flat and put in […]

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