Basic Brown Paper Bag Wreath

By Noreen Doll. A really neat way to recycle brown paper grocery bags is to make them into a basic brown paper bag wreath. This basic wreath can then be used as a base for any wreath you want to make. You can either leave the brown paper showing for a rustic looking wreath, or […]

Milk Jug Bubble Wands

By Noreen Doll. Making bubble wands is a fun project for a lazy summer day. Recycle milk jugs to make them, and you can get several wands from one jug. Then the wands can be decorated with Sharpies, and can be as fancy or colorful as the creator wishes. Materials. Clean empty Milk Jug Scissors […]

Make a Cube Shape Box from a Cracker Box

By Noreen Doll. Create a cube shape box from a cracker box or cereal box. Here’s an easy way to do that – and an easy way to make multiple boxes quickly! I needed 18 cube shape boxes to put this Santa bell ornament in to give as gifts, and I didn’t want to spend […]

Make Plastic Lid Stamps

By Noreen Doll. Make plastic lid stamps using recycled lids and foam stickers. Foam stickers come in a huge variety of subjects.  You can find animals, vehicles, flowers and shapes for kids. During the holidays you can find cats, bats, ghosts, spiders and more for Halloween. There are trees, bells, snowflakes, gingerbread men and snowmen […]

Cereal Box Magazine Holder

By Noreen Doll. Create a free cereal box magazine holder. When you’ve been crafting for a while you start to accumulate magazines, and eventually you need a place to keep them. Recycling your cereal boxes to make magazine files helps you be green as well as creative. And it’s a great way to store and […]

Sewing Cards from Greeting Cards

By Noreen Doll. Sewing cards from greeting cards are easy to make and fun for kids to use. To make these, you can use your old Christmas or birthday cards, and shoe laces you can find at the Dollar Store. Look for pictures that will interest and delight children, such as animals, snowmen, or Santa, […]

DIY Foam Flyers

By Noreen Doll. Recycle your foam containers into these fun DIY foam flyers. These flyers are fun for kids of all ages, and what a great way to use your recyclables! You can use the top of a foam egg carton, the foam take-out containers, or the foam that fruits and veggies come packed on. […]

Spiral Organizer

By Noreen Doll. I was asked to create a spiral organizer, because the owner was unable to find one that would work well. Thus the idea for creating one that was perfectly suitable came about. It was created without actually having to purchase anything, just using materials already on hand. Materials. 2 Pieces of Cardboard […]

Lollipop Bouquet

By Noreen Doll. Here’s an easy lollipop bouquet that would make a fun centerpiece for a kid’s party. Or the lollipops could be shared with classmates for Valentine’s Day or Easter. Kids could easily make these pops. It would be great scissors practice for little ones. If you are making the lollipops with a group, […]

Lasting Valentine Bouquet

By Noreen Doll. Here’s a fun Valentine bouquet your kids can create. It would make a great gift for Grandma, or a friend or neighbor. I used a 7 ounce size diced chili can for this project, but you could use any size you like. I was going to paint the can silver, but decided […]

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