Snowman Gift Package

By Noreen Doll. This quick and easy Snowman Gift Package is perfect for favors or small gifts. I needed a quick, cute idea to wrap some money for a gift. This snowman is made from a sock and a styrofoam cup. Because it is so light weight, I added some candy with the money to […]

Frosty Snowman Bath Pouf

By Noreen Doll. It’s fun to make a fluffy Frosty Snowman bath pouf. He will happily sit on a shelf, mantle, or table.   When he’s finished, you can make such accessories as a fleece hat and scarf, and a broom. Materials 3 White Bath Poufs 3 Brown Pipe Cleaners 1 Orange Pipe Cleaner 1 […]

Snowman Christmas Crafts

Snowman Christmas crafts are fun and easy to make. Even very small youngsters can help make them. Anything round is ideal for snowman crafts: paper plates, styrofoam balls, circles, cans, jars, pom poms, and dowels. Once snowman features are added, even blocks, rectangular pieces, and stuffed shapes look exactly like snowmen. Features can be added […]

Snowman Ornaments

Every Christmas tree needs some snowman ornaments hanging on it. And snowmen are fun to use to decorate other places, too. Use a cluster of snowman ornaments for a holiday or winter centerpiece. Or put a grouping on your fireplace mantel or a side table. Try some of these unique ideas to make snowmen you […]

Snowman Soup Craft

A great Christmas or winter gift idea is a snowman soup craft. It’s easy to make, with just a few ingredients you probably already have on hand. Make fun packaging by putting it in a snowman mug, or making a mug from card stock and decorating it with a cute snowman. Or you could stamp […]

Snowman Crafts for Kids

Snowman crafts for kids are almost as much fun as making a real snowman. Most of them are quick and easy to do. Start with almost anything round, paint it white, and add eyes, a mouth, carrot nose and a scarf. For extra fun add a pipe, stick arms with mittens, or a broom. Snowman […]

Preschool Snowman Crafts

  Preschool kids are old enough to really enjoy making preschool snowman crafts. Left alone to create, they can come up with some amazing and amusing results. Paper Plate Pop Up Snowman Tutorial Most of these projects can be done by the child, with just a little supervision of an adult. Be sure to have […]

Paper Plate Pop Up Snowman

by Noreen Doll. A paper plate pop up snowman is a fun winter craft for kids to make. It’s quick and easy, and the materials are cheap. After the snowman is cut in a paper plate, and colored, kids can have fun decorating it in their own unique way. What You Need Paper Plate Crayons, […]

Snowman Crafts for Toddlers

Snowman crafts for toddlers are a fun way for very young children to experiment with different craft mediums. By making snowmen, a child has a finished product to share with his/her family. Try some of these easy ideas. Snowman Gift Tag or Bookmark To make a snowman gift tag or bookmark, use a painted child’s […]

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