Peek a Boo Santa

By Noreen Doll. Create a fun easy Peek a Boo Santa to delight tots. What’s in Santa’s pack? Peek a boo! He would make a fun stocking stuffer, Christmas party prize, or a great craft for kids to make. Supplies. Craft Foam – pink, white, red, and black. Bit of twine, string, or ribbon 1 […]

Scrunched Paper Candy Cane

By Noreen Doll. A scrunched paper Candy Cane is so easy even toddlers can have fun making it. They’ll love scrunching up the tissue paper squares to be glued on the cardboard. It’s cheap and easy to make with recycled cereal cardboard and tissue paper. Older kids can cut out the tissue paper squares ahead […]

Snowflake Candle

By Noreen Doll. Because it’s made with a flameless candle, a snowflake candle could be an easy project for kids or preschoolers. It would be a great craft for a kids class party, and a nice take home gift. Or it could be a fun project to make for a nursing home resident. Here is […]

Snowman Crafts for Toddlers

Snowman crafts for toddlers are a fun way for very young children to experiment with different craft mediums. By making snowmen, a child has a finished product to share with his/her family. Try some of these easy ideas. Snowman Gift Tag or Bookmark To make a snowman gift tag or bookmark, use a painted child’s […]

Christmas Craft Ideas

Using Christmas craft ideas is a favorite pastime. I have always particularly loved the Christmas season. Spending time with extended family, crafting with my kids and grandkids, and having tree trimming parties with family and friends is all part of what makes the season special. For years I have found Christmas craft ideas all over […]

Toddler Christmas Crafts

Having toddler Christmas crafts to do will help very young children feel part of the preparation for the holiday. By keeping a few staple craft supplies on hand, you can have a project ready for them to do on a moments notice. Some handy things to have are: pipe cleaners, pom poms, cotton balls, craft […]

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