Christmas Craft Ideas

Using Christmas craft ideas is a favorite pastime. I have always particularly loved the Christmas season. Spending time with extended family, crafting with my kids and grandkids, and having tree trimming parties with family and friends is all part of what makes the season special. For years I have found Christmas craft ideas all over […]

Christmas Nativity Sets

If you are planning to make Christmas Nativity Sets, it’s a good idea to get started early. As soon as the stores have a good selection of Christmas items out, you can look for Nativity figures. In the miniature ornaments you can often find a Nativity set, which would be perfect for you to use […]

Outdoor Nativity Set

A simple outdoor Nativity set is nice to have in your yard. And a single small spotlight focused on it is enough to make it easily seen from the street. Clay Pot Yard Nativity This clay pot yard Nativity is made with very large clay pots, but is easy to make. You could use the […]

Nativity Coloring Pages

Nativity coloring pages are a great way to introduce kids to the story of the Nativity. You can print out enough pages to make a coloring book, or give them a page a day to color until Christmas. Nativity Coloring Pages Printable Nativity coloring pages for kids. Christmas Story Coloring Pages Print out the Christmas […]

Felt Nativity Set

A felt nativity set is easy to make, and can use up a lot of felt scraps. Felt puppets or finger puppets are easy enough for kids to make. Christmas Nativity Puppets Create a complete set of Christmas nativity puppets with felt and trimmings. Felt Nativity Hand Puppets Kids will enjoy playing with felt nativity […]

Wooden Nativity Set

Make a keepsake wooden nativity set. These block sets are great for kids to use, and are unbreakable. They can be passed down in the family and enjoyed year after year. Peg People Nativity Create a durable, fun peg people nativity by painting wooden pegs. Peg Doll Nativity The first link shows what the nativity […]

Preschool Nativity Crafts

Preschool nativity crafts are easy and fun for youngsters to make. Waiting for Christmas to arrive can seem forever to very young children, and by keeping them busy doing Christmas crafts it helps the time to pass. Young children will be proud of their accomplishment when they make these preschool nativity crafts, and you can […]

Nativity Children Crafts

Nativity children crafts are nice for kids to make and enjoy as they wait for Christmas to arrive. And it helps them to understand the meaning of Christmas. Most of these are pretty quickly and easily made, and preschoolers could probably manage most of them with some adult help. The gingerbread nativity is fun because […]

Nativity Crafts

Nativity Crafts are a fun way for kids to learn the Christmas story. Holy Family with Stable Make this mini Nativity ornament with the Holy Family with Stable instructions. Homemade Nativity Use pipe cleaners, yarn and cotton balls to make the figures for this homemade Nativity. Egg Carton Nativity Kids can help make this egg […]

Nativity Scene

Most of these Nativity Scene projects use easily obtained materials, many of which can be found around the house. You can also substitute parts, such as using pill bottles or spools for bodies and pipe cleaners or craft sticks for arms. Have fun creating these wonderful unique Nativity projects, and encourage your kids to get […]

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