Butterfly Angel

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

By Noreen Doll. This butterfly angel is easy and inexpensive to make with Christmas tree ornaments. I found the ornaments at Dollar Tree.  There were 5 butterflies in one package and 2 teardrop shaped ornaments in another. You can also get a small bag with several styrofoam balls of different sizes there. So for $3 […]

Shamrock Angel

Shamrock Angel - Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. A shamrock angel is a fun idea for a St. Patrick’s Day decoration. It can be used on a mantel or side table, or as a centerpiece on a dining table.  It would be easy to make several for a party. Or you could put a magnet on the back and attach […]

Sweetheart Angel

Sweetheart Angel by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Create a sweetheart angel for your loved ones. This angel is perfect for Valentine’s Day or just to tell someone you care.  It would also make a nice birthday or thank you gift – or just “I’m thinking of you”. I think it would also be lovely for someone who is recovering […]

Snowflake Angel

Crafty Journal - Snowflake Angel

By Noreen Doll. A snowflake angel is quick and easy to make and would make a nice little gift to add to the top of a package to be used as an ornament. By adding a magnet to the back, you could make it into a magnet instead. I used wire edged ribbon for the […]

Autumn Angel

Crafty Journal - Autumn Angel

By Noreen Doll. Craft a rustic looking autumn angel with silk leaves in fall colors. You can find silk leaves at the Dollar Store or the big box store, and I found the leaf bouquet with acorns at Walmart. If you just want to make one angel, the bouquet alone would be all you need. […]

Bath Pouf Angel

Crafty Journal - Bath Pouf Angel

By Noreen Doll. You need only a few things to put a fluffy bath pouf angel together. The angel can be placed in a centerpiece or hung by the loop attached to the pouf.   What You Need l Large or 2 Medium White Bath Poufs 2 Coffee Filters 1 Gold or Silver Pipe Cleaner […]

Easy Paperclip Angel Ornament

Crafty Journal - Paperclip Angel

By Noreen Doll. This easy paperclip angel ornament is so quick to make, you can make a dozen or two in an hour. It makes a perfect small gift for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, and others to whom you would like to give a little something. You can find butterfly paperclips at Walmart or an office […]

Sparkly Paper Plate Angel

Crafty Journal - Sparkly Paper Plate Angel

By Noreen Doll. Make an easy sparkly paper plate angel with silver spray paint and 2 paper plates. What You Need 2 Paper Plates Silver Spray Paint White Glue Glitter 1 Paper Clip Scissors Paper Punch What You Do 1. Draw a triangle on one paper plate as shown. 2. Draw an oval shape on […]

Christmas Craft Ideas


Using Christmas craft ideas is a favorite pastime. I have always particularly loved the Christmas season. Spending time with extended family, crafting with my kids and grandkids, and having tree trimming parties with family and friends is all part of what makes the season special. For years I have found Christmas craft ideas all over […]

Kids Angel Crafts to Make


Kids angel crafts to make has lots of easy ideas for kids to make for Christmas decorations. Most of the angel crafts are ornaments, but they could be easily altered to become magnets, pins or gift package tie-ons. You can also swap some of the materials used, such as substitute craft foam for card stock […]

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