One Sheet Advent Pocket Book

By Noreen Doll. This One Sheet Advent Pocket Book is actually made of 3 one sheet books put together, as 24 pages were needed for the 24 days in December leading up to Christmas Day. So basically, you make 3 quick and easy 8 page pocket books and then combine them into one larger book. […]

Ideas for Christmas Activities

By Noreen Doll. Christmas is a special and exciting time for kids, and sometimes they can get over excited. By planning activities for them to do each day, it gives them focus and helps them also to think of others. Here are some ideas for things kids can do while waiting for Christmas to arrive. […]

Mini Shrinky Ornaments

by Noreen Doll. Mini shrinky ornaments are perfect for Advent Calendars, as well as the tips of branches on a Christmas tree. And they would be perfect for little girl’s jewelry, key chains, backpack or cell phone dangles, or zipper pulls. More ideas for using them are hair barrettes and package decoratiions. And these mini […]

Christmas Craft Ideas

Using Christmas craft ideas is a favorite pastime. I have always particularly loved the Christmas season. Spending time with extended family, crafting with my kids and grandkids, and having tree trimming parties with family and friends is all part of what makes the season special. For years I have found Christmas craft ideas all over […]

Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are used to mark the days from December 1st until Christmas or sometimes the 21 days of Advent. I have 4 of these calendars and am making 2 more. I have also given them as gifts. Advent Calendars don’t require treats or gifts. The first Christmas countdown calendar I made, and the ones […]

Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

Advent calendar gift ideas are for calendars that have little pockets, boxes or drawers as places to hide small gifts, candy, or a tiny ornament. Small pieces of candy or stickers make good gifts. I have always liked the idea of finding an activity to do for each day on the calendar, rather than gifts […]

Advent Calendars to Make

These fun Advent Calendars to make are created from so many different materials that I’ve just put them all together. The calendars use boxes, clay pots, wood, cookie sheets, magnets, baby socks, bottle caps and more. You can make an Advent calendar from almost anything. Here are ideas to get you started. Advent Calendar This […]

Fabric Advent Calendars

These felt and fabric Advent calendars will require some stitching. Some have decorative stitching around the edge, or are embroidered. A few will need a sewing machine or require hand stitching. All of them are easy and very pretty when finished. Advent Calendar Pockets Make these pretty Advent calendar pockets with white felt. Stitch red […]

Paper Advent Calendars

These paper Advent calendars are made of paper or cardboard. There are a few that are printable. Most are easy to make. You might even want your kids to help you make them, or to help make ornaments if you are going to use them. For matchbook calendars, you can find 10 or 12 small […]

Advent Calendar for Giving

by Noreen Doll. An Advent calendar for giving is a wonderful way to begin the Christmas season. Many people use Advent calendars for giving small gifts and treats daily to their youngsters. Others have activities that are tucked into each day, for the child or family to do that day. It occurred to me that […]

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