Date of the Dead


By Noreen Doll. Ethel and Harold Bone-Apart step out on a date of the dead. Both of them are wrapped in their best and ready for a good time! Ethel dressed up in her favorite color – blue, and Harold is trendy in woodsy camouflage. See how easy it is to make a quick, fun […]

Boneyard Wreath


By Noreen Doll. Create an easy mini boneyard wreath with small skeletons.   The Dollar Store has skeleton garlands with 4 mini skeletons dangling from a length of twine. I had seen a large Halloween wreath made with big bones, but I wanted something smaller. So I had fun disassembling several skeletons to make a […]

Skull Wreath

Crafty Journal - Skull Wreath

by Noreen Doll. The idea for this skull wreath came to me one day when I was wandering around the dollar store and came upon a mesh bag full of skulls. In Mexico the Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. This skull wreath would make a perfect Day of the […]

Day of the Dead Wreath

Crafty Journal - Day of the Dead Wreath

by Noreen Doll. A Day of the Dead wreath is an easy project if you need a quick decoration. While in the Dollar Store the other day looking for some interesting Halloween things to craft with, I noticed this Creepy Cloth. On looking closer, I discovered that it was just a very loose messy mesh […]

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