Frankie Bath Pouf

A Frankie bath pouf is a fun decoration to make for Halloween.

Arachnophobia Wreath

By Noreen Doll. An arachnophobia wreath can be a colorful, scary (for those who don’t like spiders!) addition to Halloween decor. It’s quick and easy to put together and a nice contrast of Halloween colors. I found some very interesting Creepy Cloth at the Dollar store, and I picked up a package of black. It […]

Boneyard Wreath

By Noreen Doll. Create an easy mini boneyard wreath with small skeletons.   The Dollar Store has skeleton garlands with 4 mini skeletons dangling from a length of twine. I had seen a large Halloween wreath made with big bones, but I wanted something smaller. So I had fun disassembling several skeletons to make a […]

Skull Wreath

by Noreen Doll. The idea for this skull wreath came to me one day when I was wandering around the dollar store and came upon a mesh bag full of skulls. In Mexico the Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. This skull wreath would make a perfect Day of the […]

Paper Plate Vampire Bat

by Noreen Doll. This paper plate vampire bat is super easy to create, and bats are always a fun craft to make for Halloween. Each of these fun bats only requires 2 paper plates, and you can make them large or small, according to the size of your paper plates. I spray painted my bats […]

Creepy Halloween Craft Ideas

Some folks like to make really creepy Halloween craft ideas. I totally admire the ingenuity they use. If you want to make your yard the creepiest one on the block, look at some of these ideas. Many of them use things you already have around your home. Edgar Allen Poe Topiary Make this wonderful creepy […]

Day of the Dead Wreath

by Noreen Doll. A Day of the Dead wreath is an easy project if you need a quick decoration. While in the Dollar Store the other day looking for some interesting Halloween things to craft with, I noticed this Creepy Cloth. On looking closer, I discovered that it was just a very loose messy mesh […]

Edgar Allan Poe Shops at the Dollar Store!

© by Noreen Doll. Here’s proof that Edgar Allan Poe shops at the Dollar Store! With Halloween rapidly approaching, we are seeing wonderfully creative scenes, decorations, and costume ideas everywhere. Many Halloween ideas involve vintage items such as old keys, candelabras, dried bones, antique jewelry, and aged furniture. Because of the kind of literature Edgar […]

Edgar Allen Poe Topiary

© by Noreen Doll. An Edgar Allen Poe topiary is perfect for Halloween. He was a master of creepy story telling, and The Raven is one of his works. You can even use some recyclables to make this easy topiary. What You Need A Black Bird Styrofoam Ball Newspaper – Cut into 2 inch squares […]

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