One Sheet Folded Gift Pocket Book

By Noreen Doll. This folded pocket book is so much fun to make that I had to find ways to use them so I can make more! One way to use it is to make it a one sheet folded gift pocket book, which has 8 pockets. To use the book one can put folded […]

Travel Gift Ideas

As flying becomes more and more difficult, these travel gift ideas will help to make it a little more pleasant. There are packing organizers and accessories, ideas for travel security and travel comfort, and ways to entertain children during a long trip. It’s worthwhile to plan ahead and make these travel gift ideas before they […]

Toddler Travel Gifts

These clever toddler travel gifts will make traveling with children easier. Traveling with infants and toddlers requires some extra effort, but with planning, it can be made enjoyable. In addition to making sure you have a favorite blanket or stuffed toy, and plenty of their favorite foods to eat, some of these ideas may help […]

Luggage Organizers

Use luggage organizers to streamline your packing. Separating your travel clothing and accessories into luggage organizers makes it easier to pack them and easier to find them when you want to use them. And shoe bags will keep your clothes from being dirtied by your extra shoes. Travel Roll-Up with Removable Pouches The travel roll-up […]

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