Easy Dollar Bill Heart

By Noreen Doll. Here’s a fun easy dollar bill heart that even kids can easily make. Or it could make a fun tooth fairy gift. It requires 2 dollar bills and staples or paper clips to hold the ends together. You will need really crisp new bills to make this turn out well. Materials. 2 […]

Candy Bar Slider

By Noreen Doll. A candy bar slider is a great gift idea for kids or teens. You can wrap money around the bottom end of the candy bar, and when you slide the candy bar up, the money appears. Materials 1 Candy Bar – I used a 7 ounce size 12×12 Sheet of Designer Paper […]

Jeans iPad Carrier

By Noreen Doll. I created a fun jeans iPad carrier from an old pair of jeans. It was quick and easy. I made the carrier a few inches longer than the iPad so the top would fold over. By folding the top over several inches, there is no need to add a fastener. There is […]

Warm Fingerless Mitts

By Noreen Doll. Warm fingerless mitts are great to make for yourself, and they are wonderful gifts. When it’s cold, it’s nice to have something to keep your wrists and hands warm while leaving your fingers free. Fleece is snuggly soft and warm. And you can fold the top down to leave your fingers totally […]

Dollar Bill Wallet

by Noreen Doll. Create an easy dollar bill wallet to hold a cash gift or gift card. All you need to make this fun gift wrap is 2 one dollar bills and a few folds. What You Do 1. The first time I made this wallet I used 2 pieces of paper I had cut […]

Military Themed Catch-All

by Noreen Doll. A military themed catch-all is a great gift idea for a guy. A teenaged boy I know needed something to empty his pockets into, and to hold other items he used on a regular basis. Because he has a strong interest in all things military, I decided to create a military themed […]

Creative Ways to Give Money

Looking for creative ways to give money? When you want to give a gift but really aren’t sure what that person would like, a gift card comes readily to mind. Gift cards are often put aside and forgotten. I prefer to give money as a gift. It can be used anywhere and on anything the […]

Homemade Teen Gifts

It can sometimes be difficult to think of ideas for homemade teen gifts. One very nice homemade gift idea for kids of all ages, as well as teens, is to make a Christmas ornament each year for them. Most of the gifts here are useful to either wear or use. Duct Tape Wallet Tutorial Wire […]

Gifts for Teen Girls

It can be fun to make homemade gifts for teen girls. They like many of the same things we do, though sometimes a younger or funkier version. Look for fabrics, ribbons, or beads in the favorite colors of the teen you are creating a gift for. Gifts To Keep Warm For snuggly warm gift ideas, […]

Warm Covers

Wonderful ideas for warm blankets, snuggles, coats, cloaks, and robes! With all the heavy snow and ice we’ve had the last few winters, these warm covers will be very useful. Since most of them are made with fleece fabric, they are easy to cut and sew, and the edges do not need to be finished […]

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