Aluminum Security Credit Card Holder Tutorial

Crafty Journal - Security Credit Card Holder

By Noreen Doll. From what I’ve read, hackers can now use a hand held device to read your personal information on your credit cards even while the cards are tucked away in your wallet. I’ve also been seeing aluminum wallets for carrying credit cards, to thwart the ability to read the personal information on them. […]

Single Use Poinsettia Soaps

Single Use Poinsettia Soaps by Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Single use poinsettia soaps make a nice hostess gift, or a gift for someone who frequently has guests. Each leaf has enough soap for a single use, and the disposable leaf¬† will provide a slight scrub. The soaped leaves can be attractively arranged in a Christmas dish to make a pretty decoration […]

Index Card Mini Binder


By Noreen Doll. My versatile index card mini binder is very handy. It’s small and compact, and I can change the cards around, or add or remove cards whenever I need to. Because it has covers, the index cards are protected. I like using index cards because they are sturdier than paper, are very inexpensive, […]

Bunny Money

Bunny Money - Crafty Journal

By Noreen Doll. Fold some delightful bunny money to give a gift of money in a creative way. Dollar bill origami is easy and fun! This is a wonderful idea for an Easter basket, or to give older kids who feel they are too old for Easter baskets. And it would make great Easter party […]

Lasting Valentine Bouquet


By Noreen Doll. Here’s a fun Valentine bouquet your kids can create. It would make a great gift for Grandma, or a friend or neighbor. I used a 7 ounce size diced chili can for this project, but you could use any size you like. I was going to paint the can silver, but decided […]

Warm Fingerless Mitts


By Noreen Doll. Warm fingerless mitts are great to make for yourself, and they are wonderful gifts. When it’s cold, it’s nice to have something to keep your wrists and hands warm while leaving your fingers free. Fleece is snuggly soft and warm. And you can fold the top down to leave your fingers totally […]

Recipe / Photo Holder


Make an easy recipe / photo holder with a tile, a sticker, and Mod Podge. Wouldn’t this be a cute gift for kids to make for Mom or Grandma, to give with their photo attached? This holder could also be used for messages, notes, or small art works done by your kids. Instead of a […]

Stamped Tile Coasters


By Noreen Doll. I love the country look of these stamped tile coasters. When I bought this country stamp set from Rubbernecker Stamps, I couldn’t wait to use them. And they were so quick and easy to make, as well as inexpensive. They make a lovely gift for almost anyone. When I made this set […]

Snowman Soup Craft


A great Christmas or winter gift idea is a snowman soup craft. It’s easy to make, with just a few ingredients you probably already have on hand. Make fun packaging by putting it in a snowman mug, or making a mug from card stock and decorating it with a cute snowman. Or you could stamp […]

End of Year Teacher Gifts


  Here are some wonderful end of year teacher gifts ideas that will help your child’s teacher remember your child, or this special class. Plan ahead a few weeks to give yourself time to put these projects together. Money Book – Best Gift Idea Make a money book using dollar bills and dollar bill sized […]

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