Bunny Money Hugs

By Noreen Doll. Bunny Money Hugs is a fun way to give a gift of cash. This bunny holds tight to the money! It really can by used any time, but would be especially fun at Easter. The bunny is cute and easy to make, and requires few supplies, especially if you decide to draw […]

Money Gift in a Paper Frame

By Noreen Doll. Frame your favorite president’s face to make a clever money gift in a paper frame. I presented this gift with a tag that said, “I thought you might like to have a photo of Ulysses S. Grant.” Of course, you would use the name of whatever president was on the money. The […]

Beauty Shop Busy Board

By Noreen Doll. A beauty shop busy board is perfect for every little girl who loves to play with hair and use pretend make-up. My daughter and I collaborated on this project and we kept coming up with fun ways to use it. This busy board is made from a recycled milk jug. Add shoe […]

Bunny Money

By Noreen Doll. Fold some delightful bunny money to give a gift of money in a creative way. Dollar bill origami is easy and fun, so give this origami rabbit a try! This is a wonderful idea for an Easter basket, or to give older kids who feel they are too old for Easter baskets. […]

Bunny Stretch Bracelet and Bunny Necklace

By Noreen Doll. Craft a bunny stretch bracelet and a bunny necklace for a little girl. This would make a fun gift for an Easter basket. Or a great favor for a little girl”s party. I found this bunny in a craft kit I bought. But if you can’t find foam bunny stickers, it would […]

Christmas Charm Bracelet for a Little Girl

By Noreen Doll. Create a quick and easy Christmas charm bracelet for a little girl. This would make a great stocking stuffer, or a fun party favor for a little girl’s party. Materials 4 – 1 inch Cardboard Squares 8 – 1 inch Colored Card Stock or Paper Squares 4 Stickers Jump Rings Clasp for […]

Stretchy Shrinky Bracelet

By Noreen Doll. Little girls will love making their own stretchy shrinky bracelet. They can use their own designs or trace a picture from a coloring book or story book. It would make a great birthday party activity, or a little girl could make them for her friends. Materials Shrink Plastic Sharpies or Colored Pencils […]

Frugal Gifts for Kids

You can make lots of frugal gifts for kids because it is so easy to find ideas for presents they like. You can make toys, games, clothes, and even books for them. Kids love to dress up, or pretend to be someone else. A great gift is a box full of dress-up items such as […]

Little Girls Jewelry

Use these easy ideas for making little girls jewelry. Little girls love to wear jewelry, whether it’s their own or their Mother’s borrowed finery. You can make Shrinky charms for bracelets, necklaces, or earrings in any shape your little girl would love.   Use coloring books, cards, or find printable graphics on line for ideas. […]

Dolls and Dollhouses

Dolls and dollhouses are favorite toys of little girls. Look here for ideas for easy dolls, accessories, furniture and dollhouse ideas. Creating dolls and dollhouses can be great fun for parents and their little girls. Doll Furniture Soft Baby Doll Carrier Stitch this basket shaped soft baby doll carrier. Kids Doll Bed Make this clever […]

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