Bunny Money Hugs

By Noreen Doll. Bunny Money Hugs is a fun way to give a gift of cash. This bunny holds tight to the money! It really can by used any time, but would be especially fun at Easter. The bunny is cute and easy to make, and requires few supplies, especially if you decide to draw […]

Money Gift in a Paper Frame

By Noreen Doll. Frame your favorite president’s face to make a clever money gift in a paper frame. I presented this gift with a tag that said, “I thought you might like to have a photo of Ulysses S. Grant.” Of course, you would use the name of whatever president was on the money. The […]

Bunny Money

By Noreen Doll. Fold some delightful bunny money to give a gift of money in a creative way. Dollar bill origami is easy and fun! This is a wonderful idea for an Easter basket, or to give older kids who feel they are too old for Easter baskets. And it would make great Easter party […]

Camo Wrapping Paper

By Noreen Doll. Here’s an easy way to make your own camo wrapping paper – and recycle as well. Save the crumpled brown paper that is packed in boxes you’ve had shipped to you. Use green and black paints to create camouflage wrapping paper. Notice that you can barely see the twine bow. That’s because […]

Frugal Gifts for Kids

You can make lots of frugal gifts for kids because it is so easy to find ideas for presents they like. You can make toys, games, clothes, and even books for them. Kids love to dress up, or pretend to be someone else. A great gift is a box full of dress-up items such as […]

Little Boys Toy Weapons

Make little boys toy weapons that are fun to play with and won’t hurt too much if the kids are accidentally hit. No matter how hard you try, you can’t keep little boys from using guns and swords. If they don’t have toy ones, they use sticks or other items and pretend they’re guns and […]

Homemade Gifts for Kids

Gift Ideas for Little Boys. These homemade gifts for kids are a treasure trove of gift ideas for little boys. Think of the things little boys love most: anything with wheels, super heroes, swords and guns, arts and crafts, and sticks… and you have the beginnings of some great gift ideas. These gifts also need […]

Puppet Theater

With a puppet theater kids can do a lot of creative things. They can make puppets to use in the theater, write stories or plays for the puppets, and manipulate the puppets for an audience. Puppets can be made out of almost any kind of material, and your child can spend many happy hours making […]

Kids Play Kitchen

Kids will love receiving this creative kids play kitchen. Buy a couple of baking and dishes sets, and some kids play utensils at the dollar store to use with the kitchen. I’ve also seen some nice ones at the $1 spot in Target. Many of the felt foods could be made with craft foam if […]

Playhouses for Kids

Kids love to crawl into and hide in dark places. Use playhouses for kids ideas to create a special place for your child. Make an elaborate cardboard or styrofoam house or castle, or just throw a sheet over a card table to make a cave. Whatever you make, a young child will enjoy playing in […]

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