Dollar Bill Wallet

by Noreen Doll. Create an easy dollar bill wallet to hold a cash gift or gift card. All you need to make this fun gift wrap is 2 one dollar bills and a few folds. What You Do 1. The first time I made this wallet I used 2 pieces of paper I had cut […]

Creative Ways to Give Money

Looking for creative ways to give money? When you want to give a gift but really aren’t sure what that person would like, a gift card comes readily to mind. Gift cards are often put aside and forgotten. I prefer to give money as a gift. It can be used anywhere and on anything the […]

Photo Tile Gifts

Photo tile gifts are really easy to make with great results. Any size tile can be used for this interesting and creative craft. You could make a series of 4×4 or 6×6 tiles, each with a different member of your family on it. They could be used to make and interesting wall decoration, or arranged […]

Warm Covers

Wonderful ideas for warm blankets, snuggles, coats, cloaks, and robes! With all the heavy snow and ice we’ve had the last few winters, these warm covers will be very useful. Since most of them are made with fleece fabric, they are easy to cut and sew, and the edges do not need to be finished […]

Jewelry Gift Ideas

Good tutorials for jewelry gift ideas make creating them easy. Here are a few unusual jewelry gift ideas. Here’s a clever tool to help you fasten a bracelet without help. All you need is a piece of wire and pliers to shape it. Bracelet Fastener Tutorial Almost everyone wears jewelry now. Even men and kids […]

Gifts to Keep Warm

By Noreen Doll. There are many kinds of gifts to keep warm, and many of them are made of fleece. One of the nicest things about sewing with fleece is that you don’t have to finish edges to keep them from raveling – as fleece doesn’t ravel. Fleece is not only easy to sew with, […]

Tech Toys

Gifts that can be used with cameras, cell phones, iPods, iPads and other electronic Tech toys. By Noreen Doll. Obviously you aren’t going to find any homemade tech toys here, but you will find all kinds of homemade ideas for things to use WITH tech toys. These ideas can be gifts for men or women, […]

Unique Graduation Gifts

By Noreen Doll. Graduation is an important occasion, and unique graduation gifts can be very meaningful. The graduate has spent many years working to reach this goal, and it is an opportunity for great celebration. You can craft a gift that is geared toward the graduate’s special interest, or personalize it with his/her name or […]

Graduation Cap Crafts

By Noreen Doll. Use these quick easy graduation cap crafts when preparing for your graduate’s celebration.   There are also ideas for making a graduation cap box for presenting a gift. More graduation crafts ideas are available here. Graduation Cap Card Print this square petal template from Mirkwood designs in school colors and fold to […]

Graduation Crafts

You can make these creative graduation crafts to celebrate this important milestone in your graduate’s life. Here are ideas for favors and decorations to help you set the scene for a great graduation party. Graduation Cap Crafts. Unique Homemade Graduation Gifts, Kindergarden Graduation Crafts Do It Yourself Graduation Cards This is a very nice idea […]

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