Dollar Bill Graduation Cap

By Noreen Doll. For a fun grad gift, make this creative Dollar Bill Graduation Cap. You can use bills of any denomination, and it’s sure to please the new graduate! If you’re having a graduation party, these would make great favors. And don’t forget to make the tassels in the school colors! Supplies. 2 Crisp […]

Money Gift in a Paper Frame

By Noreen Doll. Frame your favorite president’s face to make a clever money gift in a paper frame. I presented this gift with a tag that said, “I thought you might like to have a photo of Ulysses S. Grant.” Of course, you would use the name of whatever president was on the money. The […]

Kindergarden Graduation Crafts

Create easy kindergarden graduation crafts. Many kindergartens and preschools now have graduation ceremonies when the children move on to elementary school. Use these clever ideas for making a fun festive time the youngsters will remember. Kindergarden graduation gifts and celebration ideas. Mini Graduation Cap Craft a mini graduation cap with an egg carton cup and […]

Creative Ways to Give Money

Looking for creative ways to give money? When you want to give a gift but really aren’t sure what that person would like, a gift card comes readily to mind. Gift cards are often put aside and forgotten. I prefer to give money as a gift. It can be used anywhere and on anything the […]

Homemade Graduation Gifts

Homemade graduation gifts are a personal way to let a graduate know how much he or she is loved. You can make a unique gift that is personalized for the recipient. If you stitch a gift, you can choose a fabric that is meaningful to the person receiving it, or monogram it, or use the […]

Kindergarden Graduation Gifts

By Noreen Doll. Many schools now have kindergarden graduation ceremonies. Kindergarden graduation gifts need not be expensive. For tons of great kindergarden graduation gifts ideas, look at frugal gifts for kids. Here are some cute ideas to use when preparing for their graduation celebration. Kindergarden Graduation Crafts Smarties Diplomas Make these clever Smarties diplomas with […]

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