Pot Holder Notepad Pocket

A Pot Holder Notepad Pocket is handy to hang on the refrigerator so you’ll always have pen and paper handy. It’s quick and easy to make, and could be a great gift idea for kids to make for Grandma or a teacher. I found the pot holder at the Dollar Store, so it’s easy to […]

Poseable Gingerbread Man

By Noreen Doll. Create this delightful poseable gingerbread man to entertain little ones. It’s easy to make and fun to play with. It would be a perfect stocking stuffer or small gift at a party. Kids can even make them as a party activity. Supplies. Brown Craft Foam Buttons 4 Brads White Paint Pen (optional) […]

Snowflake Candle

By Noreen Doll. Because it’s made with a flameless candle, a snowflake candle could be an easy project for kids or preschoolers. It would be a great craft for a kids class party, and a nice take home gift. Or it could be a fun project to make for a nursing home resident. Here is […]

DIY Adhesive Magnets

By Noreen Doll. DIY adhesive magnets are quick and easy to make and fun for kids to use. You can use up scraps of paper with cute pictures. They are great party favors, or a great party craft for kids to make at a Halloween gathering. They are so quick and cheap to make, that […]

Christmas Tree Candle

By Noreen Doll. A Christmas tree candle is a great kid craft. Use a bag of foam Christmas tree stickers or cut out your own Christmas trees. Or you could use felt or paper trees for this project. The flameless candles you can find in the Dollar Store are perfect for kids to use. Materials. […]

Sewing Cards from Greeting Cards

By Noreen Doll. Sewing cards from greeting cards are easy to make and fun for kids to use. To make these, you can use your old Christmas or birthday cards, and shoe laces you can find at the Dollar Store. Look for pictures that will interest and delight children, such as animals, snowmen, or Santa, […]

Lasting Valentine Bouquet

By Noreen Doll. Here’s a fun Valentine bouquet your kids can create. It would make a great gift for Grandma, or a friend or neighbor. I used a 7 ounce size diced chili can for this project, but you could use any size you like. I was going to paint the can silver, but decided […]

Stretchy Valentine Heart Bracelet

By Noreen Doll. Little girls will love wearing a stretchy Valentine heart bracelet. It is easily made with foam heart stickers and hair elastics. And they are very cheap to make. It could be a fun project to make with your little girl, or one she can make them with her friends. (With a little […]

Valentine Heart Candle

By Noreen Doll. Stick conversation hearts on a candle to make a fun Valentine heart candle. Conversation hearts have always been a fun part of Valentine’s Day, even though the sayings on them have changed over the years. You can make a cute candle by attaching these hearts and adding a ribbon. This would be […]

Stretchy Shrinky Bracelet

By Noreen Doll. Little girls will love making their own stretchy shrinky bracelet. They can use their own designs or trace a picture from a coloring book or story book. It would make a great birthday party activity, or a little girl could make them for her friends. Materials Shrink Plastic Sharpies or Colored Pencils […]

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