Creative Ways to Give Money

Dollar Bill

Looking for creative ways to give money? When you want to give a gift but really aren’t sure what that person would like, a gift card comes readily to mind. Gift cards are often put aside and forgotten. I prefer to give money as a gift. It can be used anywhere and on anything the […]

Visa Gift Card

Review of the Visa Gift Card. Should you use a Visa gift card? Many people want to give a gift to someone but don’t know what they would like. So they decide to give a gift card. Gift cards don’t always work well as gifts because some are not easy to use, and stores don’t […]

Personalized Photo Gift Cards


Most people enjoy giving and receiving personalized photo gift cards. It’s a nice way to keep up with how a family has changed – how much the kids have grown or when a new baby is added to the family. When kids are younger it can be fun to do a costume photo – such […]

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