Bunny Money Hugs

By Noreen Doll. Bunny Money Hugs is a fun way to give a gift of cash. This bunny holds tight to the money! It really can by used any time, but would be especially fun at Easter. The bunny is cute and easy to make, and requires few supplies, especially if you decide to draw […]

Dollar Bill Angel

By Noreen Doll. Angels are very popular, and here’s a fun Dollar Bill Angel you can make. It is a much nicer way to give a gift of cash, and easy to create. You can give any amount of cash this way. For instance you could make the body from a $10 bill and the […]

Money Gift in a Paper Frame

By Noreen Doll. Frame your favorite president’s face to make a clever money gift in a paper frame. I presented this gift with a tag that said, “I thought you might like to have a photo of Ulysses S. Grant.” Of course, you would use the name of whatever president was on the money. The […]

One Sheet Folded Gift Pocket Book

By Noreen Doll. This folded pocket book is so much fun to make that I had to find ways to use them so I can make more! One way to use it is to make it a one sheet folded gift pocket book, which has 8 pockets. To use the book one can put folded […]

Christmas Money Tree

By Noreen Doll. A Christmas money tree makes a very fun gift, and it’s perfect for anyone. You can use any denomination of dollar bills to create it, so you can give whatever amount of money you want to. 7 bills were used to create this money tree. I found this great idea at Then […]

Homemade Baby Gifts

Homemade baby gifts are always special, and some become family heirlooms to be handed down. By making your own baby presents, you can create them to perfectly suit the recipient. You can personalize them and add special details. You can even create homemade baby gifts that can’t be found in a store, and yours will […]

Baby Boy Gift Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to think of good baby boy gift ideas. Think about what boys like to play with or use, and make a miniature stuffed version. Or perhaps something Dad likes to do, such as a stuffed golf club or fishing rod. Or alter a onesie specifically for a boy, such as adding a […]

Unusual Baby Gifts

It’s fun to make unusual baby gifts. Generally they are created by other Moms who appreciate how much use they will get. You could put 2 or 3 of these gift ideas together in a basket or diaper bag to present to the new Mom. Pluggy Pacifier Bib Stitch a pluggy pacifier bib with an […]

New Baby Girl Gift Basket

Putting together a new baby girl gift basket can be fun. To find a basket for the gifts, check clearance sales, dollar stores, yard sales or second hand stores. Clean the basket and spray paint it pink (or color of your choice). Choose basket fillers from the following ideas, or with gifts from other pages […]

Best Baby Gifts

The best baby gifts are those that will be used and loved the most. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Bibs Babies can never have too many bibs. Choose from these homemade bib ideas. If you make several, your baby will have a whole wardrobe of bibs! Bandana Bibs Bandana bibs are […]

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