Reusable Gift Box from a Matchbox

By Noreen Doll. This empty matchbox is a perfect size to make into a small reusable gift box. It can hold money, a gift card, jewelry, socks, or other small gifts. While I was wrapping gifts, I had this small piece of wrapping paper left over, which perfectly fit the top of a matchbox. Because […]

Matchbox Gift Box

By Noreen Doll. This matchbox gift box started out to be something else, which didn’t work out. Then my daughter pointed out that it would make a re-usable gift box. So the project was salvaged and turned out well. It works on the same principle as a matchbox, as the box slides out of the […]

Patriotic Mini Gift Box

By Noreen Doll. Make a fun and easy patriotic mini gift box for 4th of July favors. Fill it with Snaps for the kids, or small toys or candy. And it can be used for adult prizes, too. Since the boxes are so quick and easy, round up the family a day or two ahead […]

Valentine Holder from a Cereal Box

By Noreen Doll. Create a Valentine holder from a cereal box. Because it has handles, it’s very useful for carrying Valentines to and from school, and for storing them at home. It could also be a sturdy gift box, that can be reused many times. I used a cereal box that was about 8 inches […]

Gift Wrap Boxes

by Noreen Doll. You can buy gift wrap boxes, but they are very quick to make once you learn the easy methods. Save all your cereal, cracker, and other boxes to turn into gift boxes. After the gift box is used and the gift is removed, it can be recycled. Map Covered Gift Box Tutorial […]

Homemade Gift Boxes

by Noreen Doll. Not only is it less expensive to make your own homemade gift boxes, you often create much nicer ones. If I’m going to wrap paper around a box, then I like to recycle a cereal or cracker box, or a shoe box. After the gift giving occasion, the boxes can be put […]

Map Covered Gift Box

by Noreen Doll. A map covered gift box is easy to make, and a great recycling idea. Recently we were replacing an old road atlas with a current one. I didn’t want to dispose of the old atlas as I have seen lots of crafts I really like that use maps. About the same time […]

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