Candy Cane Crafts for Kids

You can have fun making these candy cane crafts for kids, but keep an eye on your youngsters to be sure they don’t eat them all before you finish crafting!

Candy canes are so bright and colorful that they are perfect for making Christmas projects.

I like to just hang them on the Christmas tree or put them in a fun spot for someone to find.

Most of these crafts will be great for preschoolers, too. Of course, an adult always needs to be nearby to lend a hand.

Candy cane crafts for kids are good enough to eat!


Crafts with Real Candy Canes

Candy Cane Reindeer

A great preschool project – with a pipe cleaner for antlers and wiggly eyes, this reindeer is quickly done.

Candy Cane Rudolph

Kids will have fun making this candy cane Rudolph ornament. You will need pipe cleaners, a pompom and wiggly eyes to make him.

Snowman Peppermint Stick

Use white craft foam circles to make this snowman peppermint stick. You could use an upside down candy cane instead of the peppermint stick.

Candy Cane Butterflies

Easy to make classroom Christmas treat, these candy cane butterflies need construction paper and candy canes.

Elf Candy Cane Holder

Easy elf candy cane holder is made with craft foam and glue dots.

Gingerbread People

Make gingerbread people on brown grocery bags, using a cookie cutter to trace them. Decorate them, wrap one arm around a candy cane and glue. Hang on tree by the candy cane.

Candy Cane Mouse

With 2 candy canes, construction paper, a pipe cleaner and glue, kids can make this candy cane mouse.

Candy Cane Frames

Scroll down a little to find some cute candy cane frames for your youngster’s photo.


Candy Canes Just for Fun

Lacy Candy Canes.

Thread beautiful laces onto plastic or real candy canes to make lovely, Lacy Candy Canes.

Lacy Candy Canes - Crafty Journal

Lacy Candy Canes

Scrunched Paper Candy Cane

Crush red and white tissue paper squares to make a Scrunched Paper Candy Cane.

Scrunched Paper Candy Cane by Crafty Journal

Scrunched Paper Candy Cane

Candy Cane Card

Use white cardstock and red and white glitter to make this candy cane card.

Candy Cane Earrings

Kids could easily make these wood bead earrings for all the ladies in their family.

Chenille Candy Cane

A chenille candy cane is the easiest of candy canes to make – twist one red and one white chenille stem together and make a crook in one end.

Soft Candy Cane

Preschoolers can glue red and white pompoms on a card stock candy cane shape to make a soft candy cane.

Bead Candy Cane

This candy cane looks great just alternating red and white tri-beads in a pattern of two red/two white on a pipe cleaner.

Foam and Button Candy Canes

These easy candy canes are perfect for a preschooler to make.

Puzzle Piece Candy Cane Ornament

Paint puzzle pieces red or white. Assemble as show to make a candy cane.

Make a Paper Candy Cane

Roll a piece of red and white striped paper (your child can color one herself) into a tube and shape like a candy cane.

Candy Cane Doorknob Decoration

You need white posterboard and felt for this candy cane doorknob.

Tissue Paper Candy Cane

Easy to make candy cane uses crumpled balls of tissue paper glued to a cane shaped cardboard base.

Styrofoam Candy Cane

This candy cane can be made by kids and requires styrofoam sheets and ribbon. The tutorial says styrofoam can be cut with a plastic knife.

Candy Cane and Lollypop Ornaments

Made from red and white doughs, (you can make your own) even little ones can roll out the colored lengths to make candy canes.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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