Candy Bar Slider

By Noreen Doll.

A candy bar slider is a great gift idea for kids or teens.

You can wrap money around the bottom end of the candy bar, and when you slide the candy bar up, the money appears.

Crafty Journal - Candy Bar Slider


1 Candy Bar – I used a 7 ounce size

12×12 Sheet of Designer Paper

Double Sided Tape or Glue





1. Cut 1/2 inch off one side of the paper.

2. Score at 4 1/2 inch, 5 inch, 9 1/2 inch, and 10 inch. (Where each black line is.)

3. Fold on score lines.

4. Cut out a half circle at center of front and back.

Cut out a 1/2 inch circle and center it about 1/2 inch down from the middle of the half circle cut-out.  Glue it on. Repeat on the other side.

2. Punch out the center of the circle. This will make a stronger hole through which to pull the ribbon or twine.  You could also put grommets here instead.

3. Run 2 or 3 lines of tape on the right side of the paper on the 1 1/2 half inch wide section.

Fold the other side over and burnish well. You will need to remove the candy bar to do this.

4. There are several ways you can finish the bottom.  You could use double sided tape or glue the bottom inch or two. Then crimp for an inch or 2 up from the bottom edge.

You can stitch across the bottom edge.

You can fold the bottom edge under and staple it with 2 or 3 staples.

5. Thread ribbon on twine through the 2 holes, starting from the outside, through the middle of the slider and out the other side.

Before you place the candy bar in the slider, tape the money you are giving around the bottom part of the candy bar.

Put a piece of tape on one edge of the money, around the end of the candy bar and up on the edge of the money on the other side.  This way the money will stay attached to the candy bar.

6. Gently place the candy bar in the center of the twine/ribbon and let the weight of the candy bar push the twine down into the slider – along with the candy bar.

Tie the two ends together at the top, with the knot fairly close to the top of the slider.

7. Attach a tag that says “Pull me straight up!”

Pulling gently, steadily upward will make the candy bar and then the money appear out of the top of the candy bar slider.

Crafty Journal - Candy Bar Slider

©Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal


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