Butterfly Angel

By Noreen Doll.

This butterfly angel is easy and inexpensive to make with Christmas tree ornaments.

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

Butterfly Angel

I found the ornaments at Dollar Tree.  There were 5 butterflies in one package and 2 teardrop shaped ornaments in another.

You can also get a small bag with several styrofoam balls of different sizes there.

So for $3 you can make 2 angels.

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

Butterfly Angel



Crafty Journal - Butterfly Ornaments

Butterfly Ornaments


Crafty Journal - Gold Ornaments

Gold Ornaments

Styrofoam Ball

Sparkly Gold Pipe Cleaner


Nylon Fishing Line or Thin Gold Cord

Small White Button

Hot Glue

Tacky Glue


Red and Black Markers

How to Make a Butterfly Angel.

Before you start, it’s a good idea to glue the cap onto the top of the ornament so it won’t wobble. Let the glue dry.

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

Glue cap on.

1. Cut the string off the ornament.

To make a dent for the neck, push the styrofoam ball onto the top of the ornament so the top goes part way inside the ball.

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

Push cap on.

Remove the head so you can make a hole through it to add the ornament hanger cord.

2. Push the point of the skewer up through the center of the styrofoam ball, from the indentation you made in the bottom, until it comes out the top.

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

Use skewer.

3. Use the markers to make a face on the styrofoam ball. Or you can leave it without a face if you prefer.

4. Cut a length of nylon fishing line or gold cord about 15 inches to 18 inches long.

Thread the fishing line through the ring in the top of the ornament, and then through the hole you made in the styrofoam ball, from the bottom to the top.

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

Fishing line added.

Pull the ends of the fishing line out the top of the ball and thread them through a small white button.

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

Add button.

5. Before you pull the line tight, add some tacky glue to the bottom part of the hole in the styrofoam ball so the neck will be glued inside the head.

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

6. Tie a knot in the fishing line right up against the button so the head is pulled down firmly on to the metal top of the ornament.

Tie a knot in the fishing line again about 4 to 6 inches above the head and trim the ends.

7. Make the halo. Form a circle at one end of the sparkly gold pipe cleaner and twist it closed.

Bend the long end down. At about 1 1/4 inch, bend the pipe cleaner back up again so it is double, and twist it around the base of the halo. Cut off the excess.

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

Flatten the bottom loop and twist it two or three times.  This will make it sturdy enough to push into the head.

8. Push the end of the halo stem into the back of the head so the halo stands slightly above the head.

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

Add halo.

It can be glued in place if needed.

9. Hot glue the angel body to the center of the butterfly wings.

10. Tie a bow around the butterfly angel’s neck.

Crafty Journal - Butterfly Angel

Add bow.


If you have trouble getting the knot to stay in the fishing line, you can carefully melt the knot with heat so it can’t come undone.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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