Bunny Long Legs

By Noreen Doll.

Create a Bunny Long Legs for a centerpiece or to stand on a shelf.

Bunny Long Legs by Crafty Journal

He can be made different sizes by changing the size of the styrofoam egg you use.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

The egg I used is about 3 inches high, and the bunny is about 6 inches high.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal


1 Styrofoam Egg

1 Styrofoam Ball – for Big Bunny Feet

1 Skewer

1 White Pipe Cleaner

Craft Foam Scraps

Small Pink Pompom

2 Wiggly Eyes

Paper for Origami Basket

Small Eggs to fill Basket

Very Fine Black Marker

How to Make Bunny Long Legs.

1. Use the sharp end of the skewer to make a hole all the way through the egg where the arms will be.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

Insert the pipe cleaner and bend for arms and hands. I made a loop at each end of the pipe cleaner for hands.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

2. Cut the styrofoam ball in half to make 2 bunny feet.

3. Use one end of the skewer to make 3 indentations on one side of the ball to create toes.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

Use the black marker to make fine black lines inside the indentations.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

4. Poke holes in the bottom of the egg where the skewers will go.

Cut the skewer into leg pieces – about 3 1/2 half inches long. (Longer if you are making a larger bunny.)

5. Put one end of the skewer in the leg hole in the egg and the other end into one foot.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

Repeat with the other leg.

Adjust the skewers until the bunny can stand on its own.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

6. Fill the leg and foot holes with White Tacky Glue and then insert the skewers.

Let dry.

7. Draw ears on a piece of white craft foam. Cut them out.

Use a light pink marker to color the center of the ears.

8. Lay the ears face down.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

Break off a toothpick to fit the back of the ears + 1/2 inch to poke down into the bunny’s head.

Lay a bead of tacky glue on the back of each ear and lay the toothpick in it.

Let dry.

9. Make a small pink nose from craft foam or use a small pink pompom.

10. Glue the nose on the bunny head first and then glue the 2 eyes just above it.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

Use a marker to draw the mouth.

11. Glue a small pink pompom on the back for the tail.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

Bunny Basket

Use a 4 inch square piece of scrapbooking paper to make an origami Easter basket.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

For the handle, cut a piece of paper that is 1/2 inch by 6 inches. Fold it in half lengthwise.

Add a few tiny eggs to the basket and hang it over Bunny Long Leg’s arm.

Bunny Long Legs - Crafty Journal

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal


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  1. Too cute!

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    il est trop chou ce lapin!

  3. This little guy is adorable, and the name is hilarious!

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    Shauna @ The Best Blog Recipes

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