Big Hairy Tarantula

By Noreen Doll.

Craft a delightful big hairy tarantula.  He would love to sit in the center of your table.

Kids will delight in making this fun and easy spider.


1 Small Paper Plate

1 Paper Bowl, the same size around as the plate

4 Black Bump Chenille Stems

2 Large Wiggly Eyes

Paper Punch

Black Yarn

Clothespins (Dollar Tree) or Clamps


1. Ahead of time:  Cut one 3 foot length of black yarn for each spider that will be made.

Dip your thumb and first finger in white glue and apply it to the end of the yarn for about the last 2 inches.

Twist the end to a point.  Let dry.

Repeat with the other end.  These stiff ends will be used to poke the yarn through the holes as the edges are stitched together.

2. If you can’t find black paper bowls and plates, paint paper ones black.

Paint the bottoms of the bowl and plate, and the top of the rims black.

3. Make 2 small holes in the plate rim where each leg will go. If the hole is too big the legs will be wobbly.

An ice pick works best for this and should be done by an adult.  You could make a template with one plate and then use it to quickly punch leg holes in all the plates.

You need 4 sets of 2 holes on each side as shown – for 8 legs. Note the space left at the front and back.

4. Cut each chenille stem in half, using 1 half stem for each leg.

Poke 1 end of a half stem down through the outer hole on the plate rim, down under the rim, and back up through the inner hole. See the drawing above.


Bend the short end back toward the edge of the plate and press flat to the plate.

5. Attach all the legs.

6. Place the bowl upside down over the right side up plate, and clamp clothespins at intervals around the edge to hold them together while punching and stitching.

Punch holes evenly around the bowl for stitching, working around the leg holes.

7. Use the stiffened ends of the black yarn for a needle.

Start with one end and stitch over and under until you have stitched all the way around.

If the stiff end becomes too soft to work with, use the other stiff end, working in the opposite direction until the ends meet.

Tie a knot – preferable on the underside of the big hairy tarantula.

8. Bend each leg down at the narrow part of the stem between the bumps as shown.

Bend the narrow part of the end up for a foot.

9. Spread the back 4 legs -2 on each side – toward the back of the spider.

Spread the front 4 legs – 2 on each side – toward the front of the spider.

10. Glue the 2 eyes, touching each other, to the center of the big hairy tarantula’s front.


Be sure to place them high enough on the body.

Mega bug scoop for big hairy tarantula.

Big Hairy Tarantula for Adults

Because I had trouble with some parts of assembling the tarantula, I realized that plastic bowls and plates wouldn’t work for kids.

The plastic was fragile and wanted to split between the holes.

An adult could use the plastic dishes, being gentle adding the legs.

So here are adult directions for the big hairy tarantula if you want to use plastic plates and bowls, so you don’t have to paint paper ones.


1 Plastic Plate

1 Plastic Bowl

4 Black Chenille Bump Stems

2 Wiggly Eyes

Hot Glue



1. Make leg holes in plate rim. Leave a bit of space between them so the holes don’t rip into one large hole.

2. Cut chenille stems in half – using one half for each leg of the big hair tarantula.

3. Poke one end of a stem down through the edge hole, across under the rim, and up through the center hole.

Gently bend the short end back toward the plate edge and flatten.

Attach all the legs to the big hairy tarantula, like this.

4. Bend each leg down at the narrow part of the stem between the bumps as shown.

Bend the narrow part of the end up for a foot.

5. Have your bowl and clothespins ready.

Put hot glue around the top rim of the plate where the clothespins are shown below.

Quickly align the bowl upside down on the plate edge and clamp in several places with the clothespins. Let cool.

6. Leave the clothespins on for security while you gently lift the front edge of the bowl and add hot glue around the rim.

Immediately clamp the newly glued area with several clothespins.

Let the glue cool.

7. Gently spread the legs as in number 9 above.

8. Glue the 2 eyes, touching each other, to the center of the big hairy tarantula’s front.

Be sure to place them high enough on the big hairy tarantula’s body.


Because the holes tore through in one spot on my spider, I had to make new ones.  Since everything is so black, it didn’t even show.

I did not hot glue between the legs because the chenille stems hold the dishes apart in that area and it seemed to be fine without it.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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