Best Baby Gifts

The best baby gifts are those that will be used and loved the most.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Babies can never have too many bibs. Choose from these homemade bib ideas. If you make several, your baby will have a whole wardrobe of bibs!

Bandana Bibs

Bandana bibs are unusual and easy to sew. You need a bandana, and a cotton dish towel makes a great liner.

Bandana Drool Bib.

Bandana Bib.

Another Bandana Bib.

Denim Bibs

Use old jeans to make durable denim bibs, and stitch colorful trims on them.

Wipeable Bib

Stitch an easy make – easy clean bib with laminated cotton. Trace a favorite bib for a pattern for this wipeable bib.

DIY Pocket Bib

This smaller DIY pocket bib would fit a younger baby. It’s all fabric.

Laminated Bib

Make a laminated bib with a pocket to catch food bits. This bib is for a toddler or older.

Blankies and Snuggles

Critter Blanket

Attach some minkee fabric to a soft stuffed animal that you have cut apart to make a loveable critter blanket.

Silky Baby Blanket

Sew a silky baby blanket that is satin on one side and fleece on the other. Soft and cuddly.

More Best Baby Gifts

Fabric Travel High Chair

Stitch this handy fabric travel high chair that can be folded up and easily taken along.

Swaddle Blanket

Make a handy swaddle blanket to keep baby happy and help him/her sleep better.

Super Easy Summer Swaddle

Stitch a light weight super easy summer swaddle.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. I love this idea. A friend of mine just had a baby and this would be the perecft gift. One question thought, do you have a tutorial on the bag? I have just started sewing and have been looking for tutorials on the web. The bag looks simple. Is it basically two rectangles sewn together? Or is there a third piece for the bottom? Thank you!

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