Beauty Shop Theme Party for Kids

By Noreen Doll.

A beauty shop party would delight the hearts of little girls from 4 or 5 to about age 10.  Teens might enjoy the makeup and nail polish aspects, too.

Beauty Shop Theme Party for Kids by Crafty Journal

It could be for a birthday party, slumber party, or just a summer fun party.

Visit the Dollar Store for party supplies: nail polish, multi-colored packs of eye shadow and blush, and lip gloss or lipstick.

Beauty Shop Theme Party for Kids by Crafty Journal

So the girls don’t share make-up, break up the colors into chunks and put them in cupcake papers, making sure each girl gets all the colors.

Beauty Shop Theme Party for Kids by Crafty Journal

Lipsticks and glosses can be sliced and added to cupcake papers, too.

Beauty Shop Theme Party for Kids by Crafty Journal

Give each girl a small mirror and several Q-tips to apply her makeup.

Or have them apply their make-up without using a mirror. This can be hilarious fun!

Fingernail polish comes in so many fun colors,

Beauty Shop Theme Party for Kids by Crafty Journal

and you can find packs of glitter to use with them, too.

Beauty Shop Theme Party for Kids by Crafty Journal

Paint each nail a different color!

Another party activity could be Beauty Shop Busy Boards, where different hair styles can be created.

Crafty Journal - Beauty Shop Busy Board

Beauty Shop Busy Board

These would be take home gifts as well. Just put all the parts in a quart zip-lock bag for each girl.

Creating their own jewelry is another great activity, which also doubles as a party favor.

This Stretchy Shrinky Bracelet encourages coloring fun as well as creating jewelry.

Stretchy Shrinky Bracelet by Crafty Journal

Stretchy Shrinky Bracelet

This Christmas Charm Bracelet can be made with any theme, and little girls would love it with their favorite Disney princesses on it.

Christmas Charm Bracelet by Crafty Journal

Charm Bracelet with Stickers

Here’s a cute idea for BFF jewelry.

Best Friend Jewelry

BFF Shrinky Jewelry

This is a very easy Conversation Heart Necklace to make, and you can use foam flower stickers, bird or animal stickers, or whatever cute foam stickers you find.

Conversation Heart Necklace by Crafty Journal

Conversation Heart Necklace

Of course, you will want to take lots of photos of these glamour gals in all their painted glory.

The photos could be printed at Walmart, and then included with your daughter’s thank you notes.

To display the photos, you could get 4×6 frames at the Dollar Store, along with a selection of plastic beads or colored stones and glue, and let the party goers create their own beautiful frames.

This is sure to be a delightful party the girls will never forget!

For more great ideas for making the birthday girl (or boy) feel special, check out 104 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special.

Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal


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