Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Beaded Christmas ornaments can be very delicate looking.

Some dexterity is required to string the tiny beads on thin wires, but the results are beautiful.Older kids can make the easier designs.

Enjoy trying these beaded Christmas ornaments.

Beaded Angels

Beaded Angel

This quick angel uses beads and wire to complete.

Beaded Angel

This easy angel is made with different sizes of pearls, gold wire and safety pins.

Bead Angels

These quickly made angels use 2 beads, with wire edged ribbon for wings.

Birthstone Angel

Use beads and wire to make this colorful angel. Or just choose your favorite color for her.

Beaded Snow Angel

Make this beaded snow angel with seed beads and bead thread.

Pearl Angel

She is made with pearls and gold wire.

Beaded Angel

Clear directions for making this beaded angel with beads and string.

Other Beaded Ornaments

Bead Star

This beaded star uses beads and wire and looks pretty easy.

Beaded Star

Illustrated tutorial on making a colorful beaded star using beads and wire.

Beaded Christmas Tree

Use wire and beads to make this beaded Christmas tree. Add ribbon or wire to hang it.

Crystal Wreath

This wreath uses beads and wire.

Pearl Cross

This cross would be perfect for a Christmas ornament. Use fishing line and beads.

Beaded Snowflakes

These easy beaded snowflakes use different sizes of beads and chenille stems.

Beaded Snowflake

This unusual snowflake uses more wire and fewer beads.

Pink Glass Bead Snowflake

Made with tiny glass beads on wire, this is a beautiful snowflake.

Beaded Snowflake Ornament

Delicate beaded ornament using small beads on thin wire.

Beaded Snowman

This beaded snowman project uses beading string and glass seed beads.

Crystal Swirl Ornaments

These crystal swirl ornaments are made with faceted beads and metalic pipe cleaners.

Seed Beed Ornaments

Glue seed beads on these ornaments to make them glitter.

Beaded Christmas Snowball

Use Wire, pearls and assorted white beads to make this pretty snowball.

Dragonfly Ornament

Delicate beaded dragonflies are beautiful. Just add a wire look to hang it on your tree.

Poodle Dog

Easy directions using fishing line and beads to make a poodle.

Beaded Lizard

This beaded lizard could be a zipper pull or package tie, as well as a tree ornament. He’s made with wire and beads.

Beaded Pig

Here is a beaded pig that would make a cute ornament for your Christmas tree. Make it with beads and beading string.


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  1. Thank you for the ideas. Having breast and bonev cancer and disabled, I was trying to figure out what I could give my friends for Christmas and the ornament ideas are great. I can make them with the beads I have around the house. Thanks again.

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