Bat Finger Puppet

By Noreen Doll.

Bats are always popular for Halloween,

Create a fun Bat Finger Puppet by Crafty Journal.

and this cute bat finger puppet is easy and fun.

Crafty Journal - Bat Finger Puppet

I recycled a black foam tray that previously held vegetables (never reuse one that has held raw meat), that I had washed.

Crafty Journal - Bat Finger Puppet

It was long and narrow and pretty much bat -shaped.


Black Styrofoam Tray



Scrap Paper to make a pattern.

2 Bright Red Buttons for eyes.

How to Make a Bat Finger Puppet.

1. Fold in half a piece of paper that is about  11 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches high, so that folded it is 5 1/2 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches high.

Crafty Journal - Bat Finger Puppet

2. Use the fold of the paper for the center of the bat’s body, and draw halt a bat out from the fold.

3. While the paper is folded, cut out the half bat.

Open the paper to see the full bat.

4. Make 2 finger holes in the center of the bat’s lower body.  I made the bat’s body fairly wide so there would be room for these finger holes.

Crafty Journal - Bat Finger Puppet

Check the fit of the holes.

5. Lay the bat pattern on the black foam tray and move it around until you like the way it fits.

If the pattern is too large for the foam tray, fold it in half again so you can adjust both sides together.

6. Use a pencil to trace the bat onto the foam. Trace the 2 holes also.

7. I used scissors to cut the bat out, but because the tray is so thick, I cut off small chunks of the tray outside the bat lines before I did the fine cutting of the bat itself.

Crafty Journal - Bat Finger Puppet

You can use a craft knife for this, but cut it in layers and don’t try to cut all the way through on the first pass.  Make several passes to cut through, as this foam can often by quite thick.

Kids should be supervised with scissors, and an adult should handle a craft knife if one is being used.

8. If the edge is ragged looking, you can rub it gently agains a hard surface. Or you can decide that the rough edge is a cool way for your bat to look.

9. To start the finger holes, I used an ice pick, making several holes quite close together. Then I used one scissor blade to saw around the rest of the circle.

Adults only should do this part.

Crafty Journal - Bat Finger Puppet

10. Glue the buttons on for the eyes, keeping them quite close together.



You could use red beads, jewels or sequins for the bat’s eyes.

The bat finger puppet could also be made from black craft foam or even card stock, although paper isn’t very sturdy for a kid’s use.

© Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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  1. What a great idea! I love crafts like this – quick simple and fun for the kids!

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