Baby Boy Gift Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to think of good baby boy gift ideas.

Think about what boys like to play with or use, and make a miniature stuffed version. Or perhaps something Dad likes to do, such as a stuffed golf club or fishing rod.

Or alter a onesie specifically for a boy, such as adding a sports applique, or train, truck, or backhoe.

Look for cute little boy fabrics in the fabric store. You only need a quarter of yard or less to have a few cute pictures that you can cut out and applique.

Appliques are cute on bibs, tshirts, and baby hats, too.

Here are some more baby boy gift ideas.

Baby Boy Shower Gift

Here’s a cute baby boy shower gift basket idea. You can make some of your own cute items to include in it.

Interchangeable Pacifier Clip

Quickly craft a pacifier clip using ribbon, velcro, and suspender/mitten clips.

Binky Bag

Make a binky bag to keep baby’s binky clean when it’s tucked away.

Tie Applique Baby Onesie

Applique a tie on a onesie to make a cute tie applique baby onesie for a little boy.

Turkey Tie Onesie

Applique a tie on a onesie and then paint an easy turkey shape to color in. It makes a fun turkey tie onesie. You could use this idea for other holidays, too.

Baby Tie

Craft an easy baby tie that looks very cute on a baby boy!

Baby Ties

Make your own baby ties from an adult tie. There will be enough left to make a matching toddler tie.

The Eddie Cap

Stitch the Eddie cap for a little boy. It’s very cute.

Sweet Pea Pilot Cap

Sew a sweet pea pilot cap for a special baby boy. Use fleece if you want it to be nice and warm.

Bandana Bib

Stitch a quick bandana bib for your little cowboy to wear.

Easy Baby Boy Bibs

Use a small piece of fabric and a washcloth or small towel to sew easy baby boy bibs.

Baby Shoes from Old Jeans

Recycle a pair of denims to make a cute pair of baby shoes from old jeans.

Baby Felt Shoes

Stitch a sweet pair of baby felt shoes for a new little one.

Converse Booties

Make knitted converse baby booties for the future sports player.

Diaper Strap

With a bit of fabric, stitch a diaper strap to hold a few diapers and wipes to take along.

Wee Wee Wigwam

Sew several wee wee wigwams with flannel or fleece and a matching cotton fabric. So handy during a diaper change.


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