Advent Calendars to Make

These fun Advent Calendars to make are created from so many different materials that I’ve just put them all together.

The calendars use boxes, clay pots, wood, cookie sheets, magnets, baby socks, bottle caps and more.

You can make an Advent calendar from almost anything. Here are ideas to get you started.

Advent Calendar

This amazing Advent calendar is a masterpiece! It has a nice long tutorial with all the details.

Hershey Miniature Advent Calendar

For this you need a gift box, green pipe cleaners and a bag of candy. For peanut allergies, Rolos or Hershey Kisses are safer. Kids can make this Hershey miniature Advent calendar.  Do make sure the user doesn’t have a nut allergy.

Wreath Advent Calendar

Paint a purchased wood wreath, decorate and add nails to hang the number tags on this wreath advent calendar.

You could make a wreath from 2 or 3 layers of craft foam glued together. Glue buttons or add brads to hang tag ornaments.

Wood Spool Advent Calendar

Wrap slips of paper with daily activities written on them around numbered wooden spools for this wood spool advent calendar. It would be a nice way to use old wooden spools, if you have them.

Giant Clothespin Christmas Countdown

Paint a giant clothespin and cover with decorative papers. Decorate a coaster in Christmas colors and attach 2 pads of numbers to turn over each day to finish your giant clothespin Christmas countdown.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Hang 24 tiny packages on ribbons from this painted wood Christmas tree Advent calendar. You could glue a couple of layers of craft foam together to make a foam tree instead of wood.

Baby Sock Advent Calendar

A very cute way to use your baby’s socks that you saved, when you do this baby sock Advent calendar.

Christmas Countdown

Painted and decorated claypot figures rest atop numbered boxes for this Christmas countdown. This project would take some time, but be well worth the effort.

Magnetic Advent Calendar

Use a non-aluminum cookie sheet and make the numbered decorations magnetic by adding magnets to the back, for this magnetic Advent calendar.

Polymer Clay Advent House

This clever Advent house has you making 24 different items from polymer clay to go into or on the house – adding one each day.

Christmas Countdown

Paint clay pots and set them inside a wood frame. Fill and cover the pots to make this Christmas Countdown.

Cookie Sheet Advent

Decorate metal tins and attach them with magnets to a painted and decorated cookie sheet to make this cookie sheet Advent.

Button Advent Calendar

This button Advent calendar needs pretty buttons, a styrofoam cone, and velcro dots.

Photos of Advent Calendars

Several different Advent calendars ideas are shown here. There are no tutorials, but a few descriptions.

Advent Calendar Photos

Pictured here are several different kinds of Advent Calendars – a treasure trove of ideas, some with instructions!

Enjoy these Advent calendars to make.


Noreen Doll

Crafty Journal

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