Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

Advent calendar gift ideas are for calendars that have little pockets, boxes or drawers as places to hide small gifts, candy, or a tiny ornament.

Advent Calendar by Crafty Journal

Advent Calendar

Small pieces of candy or stickers make good gifts.

I have always liked the idea of finding an activity to do for each day on the calendar, rather than gifts or candy.

Advent calendar gift ideas can be found in several places. I have listed a few of them here.

Small Christmas Tree

Buy a small artificial Christmas tree and set it near your Advent calendar.

Buy or make 24 tiny ornaments – easy to find in craft stores, and often on sale – and tuck one into each pocket or box. Or you can make Shrinky or salt dough ornaments.

Hang one ornament each day. When the calendar is empty, the tree will be decorated.

Mini Shrinky Ornaments

Use coloring books to find ideas for small shrinky ornaments. They usually shrink down to about 1/4 the size they start out.

Mini Shrinky Ornaments by Crafty Journal

Mini Shrinky Ornaments

Tiny Advent ornaments to make.

Ideas for Filling An Advent Calendar

There are quite a few ideas for filling an Advent Calendar here. Some are printable.

Find also some printables that could be made into stickers, magnets or even a pin.

Quick and Easy Advent

Quick and easy Advent has a list of activities that could be done – instead of gifts.

Countdown to Christmas

This is a list of craft activities that kids can do each day as they countdown to Christmas.

Celebrating Advent

Celebrating Advent has a list of family activities and traditions, gift making ideas, multi-day ideas, crafts and foods to make, and small things to buy.

There are some excellent ideas here.

Advent Activities

Here are many fun Advent activities ideas to think about.

If you know when you will be putting your tree up or baking cookies, make that an activity.

Advent Calendar Activities

Here is a list of ideas for Advent calendar activities.

Scroll down for a list of advent activities.

Fun Advent activity ideas.

Stocking Stuffers and Advent Gift Ideas

Handmade stocking stuffers ideas – some of which might be used for Advent Calendar gifts.

Grocery store stocking stuffer ideas.

Some of these stocking stuffer ideas for kids might work.

150 Stocking stuffer ideas.


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