4th of July Crafts

For clever, fun 4th of July crafts, look below for ideas the whole family can enjoy doing together.

The American flag is the main symbol used for the 4th of July, and there are lots of red, white, and blue projects here.

5 Pointed Star in One Snip

Here’s a great way to impress kids! Make a 5 pointed star in one snip.

Patriotic Cards

Make colorful patriotic cards by stamping red, white, and blue designs on cardstock.

4th of July Gift Tins

Craft these 4th of July gift tins and fill with patriotic tags or coasters.

Patriotic Poster Drink Charms

Create these fun patriotic poster drink charms to use at your next party or your 4th of July barbeque.

Patriotic Ribbon Badge

Craft a colorful patriotic ribbon badge to show your colors.

Star Box

Make a star box to use as a centerpiece, or to hold a gift. Easy tutorial.

4th of July Tin Can Luminaries

Make 4th of July tin can luminaries by punching holes in patriotic designs on recycled tin cans. Paint in red, white and blue and add a votive candle.


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